Monday, October 12, 2015

Local, state and
world news distraction

 ~ Columbus Day is going the way of the American Indian, quite literally. I predict the politically correct politicians will change this holiday by the next decade. Oxymoronic?

 ~ Bud Kennedy has a scolding op-ed on Tarrant County Tax Assessor Ron Wright about the United Way/Planned Parenthood defunding in his office.

I don’t disagree with either one of them in all their assertions, but common ground is not popular in the current cultural climate. Politicians want votes, news writers want to be read, and controversy is a great avenue for both to advance.

 ~ I noticed that “Eyes on Lies” in the DFW area is hiring female decoys to catch, bait or seduce men suspected of being untruthful or unfaithful. After an internet search of the company, I’m not sure this ad isn’t bogus. What’s the markup in the extortion industry?

 ~ This Arlington family should give lessons on how to work the system. It looks as though they could give advanced acting lessons as well.

 ~ I'm also torn between allowing Omar Bashir Mohammed to forfeit his $300,000 bond and leave the country or do 5 years in the pen for a hit and run in Arlington. I’m unsure that our society isn’t better served by him permanently leaving the USA and forgoing the expense of his incarceration.

One thing is certain, I would not want to be his bail bondsman since they're letting him back out of jail after catching him on a flight from D/FW to Jordan.

 ~ There seems to be alot going on in Arlington these days. I remember when it used to be a great family town back in the 80’s.

 ~ What kind of nuclear deterrent deal did we make with Iran for them to test a ballistic missile Sunday? Why would they need a ballistic missile without a nuclear warhead? Yea, trust the government, they've got our best interests at heart...

 ~ It looks like we will be making "condolence payments" to the families and victims of the Kunduz hospital bombed by mistake. I suspect a portion of this blood money will be used for revenge against Americans in the name of justice. Vengeance is a powerful motivation.

If you received money for something like this, what would you do with it? Many would use it to help stop the actions that caused such a catastrophe.

~ Does the Muslim Brotherhood support turning children into holy martyrs? One may want to investigate their actions instead of their dialogue.

 ~ Can you imagine the dismay of employees at VW in Berlin after the German government raided their headquarters on Thursday? Many may be considering finding employment elsewhere because this looks far from over.

 ~ A few months back, a buddy of mine told me that a friend of his, who had first hand knowledge, said not to drink Bridgeport water. This probably doesn’t surprise many Bridgeport residents who have watched their drinking water turn color. Has anyone taken the time to have it tested as safe?

Another buddy of mine, who also lives in Bridgeport, was telling me of his painful arthritic condition after suffering a serious accident. He was receiving treatment for his condition when a couple in the waiting room told him they replaced their drinking water with Evian and it changed their life. He said he was in enough pain to try anything, so that’s what he did…and his condition has improved remarkably. Actually, he was still in disbelief.

I imagine that the most unbelievable remarks made in the above posts are that I actually have any buddies.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday's Sermon

How many times have you heard, “It’s God’s will” or “if there was a God, how could he allow that to happen” after a tragedy. From what I read, it was never God’s will that man should die, we made that choice after we were warned not to eat a certain fruit. One should be careful when declaring what is and isn’t God’s will, since evil behavior is demonstrated by the will of men.

God doesn’t have to punish man. All He has to do is allow us to suffer the consequences of our own choices and actions. Based on what I’ve witnessed in the world as of late, it seems highly effective.

We took revenge for 9/11 in Iraq and now we seem to be experiencing the consequences of our actions. If you think God is on our side, please remember that Americans are responsible for the killing of millions of innocence lives after passing Roe vs Wade. How can that be justified or reconciled before God?

The more advanced we get, the more we can explain how and why natural disasters happen. Fear of God is seldom considered when making choices devoid of morality. Even many Christians choose not to believe documentation of God’s wrath and punishment on man, when punishment is sometimes an act of love.

God seems to be removing his umbrella of protection, allowing us to reap what we have sewn. America is not as beautiful as it once was. The enemy dwells in the hearts of men, all we have to do is listen to the words that come out of their mouth.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Respect my authority
Or else...


Of course there are two sides to every story. It's difficult for me to see any justification for the officer's actions.  

Although the guy may have done wrong, two wrongs don't make a right. What would be the fallout if he were black? 

Reportedly, the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing and promoted to detective. LEO's don't understand why there is public animosity toward law enforcement...

So if they wonder why California lawmakers banned LEO’s from obtaining grenade launchers and tanks, this type of behavior may be the reason. I tend to believe the billions of dollars in liability from lawsuits were a top priority.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Does misery truly love company?

 ~ Based on what I have read, the Oregon college gunman’s mother was very protective of him and told a neighbor that her son was “dealing with some mental issues”. If that were true, why would his mother allow him to have firearms? Should she be held partly responsible for his actions?

When it comes to unprovoked attacks on crowds of people, we are only experiencing how life is in much of the rest of the world, especially Israel and the Middle East. Knives are used when guns are not easily acquired. 

Even though the FBI recently reported homicides are down significantly in the last 5 years, statistics indicate that more people are killed by the use of hands/feet or knives than with assault rifles. Could there be a possibility that as more law abiding Americans arm themselves, homicides are declining.  Some could say gun-free zones reduce the violence.

This information is not what the current political system uses to base their blueprint of the future. Americans are already afraid to speak out against our leadership and system of law, can you imagine the affect of not having the right to a firearm for personal protection?

 ~ At what age should we consider accountability as an adult to those juveniles who conspire to commit mass murder, like the 4 they recently caught in California planning to shoot students and staff at their high school?

Or the 11 year old charged with the death of his 8 year old neighbor over an argument over puppies.

Or the 14 year old charged with murdering his teacher?

 ~ The most mind-boggling thought I’ve had this year developed after reading a comment (@12:34 PM) on The Deity’s blog. What if… those who commit multiple murders were made to watch the execution of their spouse, children, parents and siblings before their own execution, all of which were televised? Do you think some who perpetrate these crimes might reconsider carrying out mass murder?

I am not suggesting or promoting this type of justice, just wondering if I am alone in this somewhat disturbing thought process. I may just be thinking like a terrorist.

It may not curb violence, but I guarantee you one thing: families would damn sure be checking in on their black sheep relatives regularly and report suspicious behavior!

Russia's explanation of Mid East Crisis
Agree or disagree?

Putin gives his take on it

You can agree or disagree,
but what we're doing is not working.

Is Russia truly our enemy or just an economic competitor?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

History is not kind
to those in denial...

After reading the headlines on the latest Nobel prizewinners, I began remembering when our current POTUS won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 just 10 months after taking office. 

The Norwegian Nobel Committee cited his actions in “reaching out to the Muslim world” and “nuclear nonproliferation” as validation for the prestigious award. Failed on both counts? How's that working for ya?

In your opinion, based on the state of America and world events, has he been successful or an epic failure at promoting peace?

I personally believe that he has failed miserably at keeping or promoting peace in America - or the world for that matter. This irremovable stain on the Nobel committee disgraces every Nobel laureate - past, present and future. How does he compare with someone like Mother Teresa, who won the award in 1979?

How easily we forget his own words...

'Obama on his political opponents:
"They Bring a Knife...We Bring a Gun"
Obama to his supporters:
"Get in Their Faces!"
Obama on ACORN mobs:
"I don't want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I'm angry!"
Obama to his mercenary army:
"Hit Back Twice As Hard"
Obama on the killer Iranian regime murdering their own people in the street:
"The Iranians are having a robust debate."
Obama on defending genocide (2007):
The United States cannot use its military to solve humanitarian problems and that preventing a potential genocide in Iraq isn't a good enough reason to keep U.S. forces there.
We reached out to Hitler before the blitzkrieg and he assured the world of his passive agenda. Iran does not hide their goal of world domination and obliteration of non-Muslims, why do we think we can reason with them?

We are presently experiencing the fallout from the hope and change promised by our leader. Is this the America you want for your children and grandchildren.

Please choose your leadership wisely, lest you enable our own destruction...

Monday, October 5, 2015

Agenda or incompetence?
You decide...

 ~ While our government expresses grave concern over Russia’s military presence in Syria, the international community has condemned our military for killing at least 19 people at a hospital run by Doctors without Borders in what has been labeled collateral damage. Some are even saying that this is actually a war crime.

We must be giving lessons on how to win friends and influence people. It makes me wonder who is actually on the phone telling the Air Force when and where to pull the trigger. America has justified the taking of innocent lives for decades, hence, the world is becoming less tolerant of us. How would you feel if your family was killed due to collateral damage?

 ~ T Mobile has a public relations nightmare after disclosing where 15 million of the customers’ information was hacked through Experian. I smell class action lawsuits against both companies, possibly bankruptcy. AT&T ads have capitalized on the debacle, even though they’ve been sharing customer info with our bureaucracy for years.

  ~ Coca Cola, a big sponsor, has called for the resignation of Sepp Blatter, President of the FIFA, due to all the scandals during his watch. Over and under on his resignation – 2 PM Wednesday, Oct 9th. That kind of money will dictate this outcome.

 ~ I watched a video commentary (Extreme Language WARNING) where a black commentator expressed his views about a black woman’s irresponsible lifestyle. I was surprised he had 131k subscribers even with his aggressive form of communication full of every form of vulgarity. I don’t know if it’s effective, but it’s obviously popular.

~ Tommyboy posted on his blog, “Public Policy Polling added last month that Congress is also less popular than cockroaches, lice, root canals, colonoscopies, traffic jams, used car salesman and Genghis Khan.”

Although many don’t pay attention or believe that polls are accurate, they are for the most part, what we use to determine public opinion. I cannot disagree with the majority of those being polled that the greatest threat to our personal freedoms is the U.S. government.

I enjoy reading Tommyboy’s blog. It’s very informative on subjects that are not exactly at the forefront of mainstream media, which I tend to enjoy. His post on the Hadron Collider (aka Supercollider) being kicked off in Europe a few weeks from now sure made me wonder about the future of our planet.

This venture reminded me of the movie Armageddon when Bruce Willis asked the head of NASA what was his backup plan. I don’t envision a do-over if the operation goes south…

And he is not alone in wondering why a statue of Shiva, the ancient Hindu goddess of destruction is on display in front of CERN headquarters. It makes me wonder who is actually behind funding the project and for what purpose the machine will be ultimately used.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

How do you get your kicks?

What's his life expectancy?
I created this post a week ago, 
in case you wondered if I'm stealing material...

Friday, October 2, 2015

How to reap a whirlwind

 ~ It seems the best way to win an argument is not to participate in one. An artist who was helping paint a mural in Oakland CA for a group promoting peace and anti-violence was shot and killed at the mural site. Arguing with a hater or criminal will seldom ever be productive, promote peace or provide healing.

Good people are murdered every day, even while doing good deeds. Please keep in mind the purpose of evil is to steal, kill and destroy. Our good deeds do not make us exempt us from those who seek to stop them. Debate and argument precede many gunfights, you can choose not to participate and walk away…

I wonder how long it will take our government to disarm the civilian population? Based on the hope and change policies implemented by the current administration and embraced by many, I will set the over and under at the year 2030. Promoting civil unrest is working and victims rights will become more important than our Constitution.

 ~ In Kuwait, it’s against the law to do business with an Israeli citizen. That’s the reason a Kuwaiti airline refused to issue a ticket from New York to London. Discrimination is illegal in the US and our government contends our law supersedes theirs on our soil. If the situation were reversed, I would expect protesting and rioting…

 ~ An appeals court struck down a federal judge’s call to allow colleges to pay athletes $5,000 above tuition, room and board. Am I alone in thinking that our legal court system is being used and abused in cases where they have no business? Should our legal system and bureaucracy regulate everything that happens in America?

 ~ Jeb Bush is failing to gain conservative support with his latest statements. He wants to allow the U.S. to export oil and inferred that gun ownership is not a national right. Hasn’t he figured out that Americans don’t want to vote for politicians? Based on the last Presidency and the Trump sensation, Americans prefer egotistical celebrities who promise the world and fart rainbows.

If God sent a man to earth who could solve all America’s problems through our political system, let me assure you he would be unable to raise the $1 billion necessary to win the office. Contributors expect a return on their investment, not solutions to problems.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

KC has more racial problems...

Last week in the Kansas City area, little is being publicized about 2 black thieves shooting a white veteran in the back Friday night, or where 8 blacks nearly beat a white man to death outside a country club plaza.

Kansas City doesn’t look like the safest place to hang out for a white male. Both these attacks happened in a public place with little regard for legal consequences. It looks like civilian security volunteer groups may be necessary since LEO’s fear for their life and career if they use deadly force against minorities. As racial violence spreads, solutions become complex.

Injustice inflicted upon citizens by law enforcement doesn’t give anyone the right or reason to administer revenge. Red or yellow, black or white, cop or criminal, there is never justification for violence, although one might make an exception for self-defense.

I am of the opinion that relatively few Americans are interested in the 6 executions scheduled over the next nine days. Some believe justice is served, others believe it to be unnecessary. I seem to always reflect on the verse, “the strength of sin is the law”.

Why would the United Nations appoint one of the worst human rights violators to oversee a UN panel on human rights? The President was seen shaking hands with Iranian leadership at the UN recently. Looks like we get along better with them than Russia, China and Israel.

The US condemns Russia and China but creates an unholy alliance with terrorist nations. They sure know how to work our political system. It was my understanding that the perpetrators of 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia.

I almost became physically ill while looking at photos of champion girl bodybuilders. There has got to be some form of borderline malnourishment is this lifestyle. I found it more repulsive than attractive, which is why I didn’t link to the article.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why Conservatives Suck

The best explanation I've heard...
Conservatives suck because reality sucks...

Monday, September 28, 2015

News in an insane culture...

 ~ LEOs in areas with a history of civil unrest are adopting a new program involving “predictive policing” to help identify those most likely to commit crimes. Excuse me, but is this not a fancy term for profiling? Political correctness at its finest.

Profiling may not be politically correct, but law enforcement have used this technique to bring many criminals to justice. It’s not all rocket science either, if you see someone walking down the street wearing a hoody, carrying a flat screen TV in a box at 3 AM, he fits a certain profile and warrants questioning.

 ~ I was not surprised to read about a Saudi prince who was arrested for a sex crime. I was amazed to see the photo of his rent house in Beverly Hills, valued at $37 million. I wonder how he posted his $300,000 bond.

 ~ I wonder if the NAACP will come to the rescue of the Georgia woman who made terroristic threats on Youtube. The Blacklivesmatter activist allegedly called for war on white people and advocated shooting LEOs. This should cause her audience to grow and maybe even get her national attention.

At any rate, I imagine she will have a diverse audience in jail. I am curious to see if any activist groups reach out and put her on their payroll. Hell, she may even get invited to the White House.

 ~ If you think the world is winning the war on terrorism, you probably don’t want to read where 30,000 foreigners have entered Syria in the past 12 months to join ISIS.

You may also not want to speculate as to why we’re arming Syrian rebels and they’re turning them over to al-Qaeda. The enemy of my enemy…?

There are some memories that get stuck in my head. One is seeing a young college girl this summer in a bikini with an obvious piercing on her nether region. How does one keep that picture from popping up?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Stocks up = growth
Stocks down = correction

I applaud the Pope in his address to Congress, specifically reminding them of the responsibility to “protect and defend human life at every stage of its development”. Although his message may not be popular with much of American culture, he at least takes a stand for his beliefs. Pandering politicians may sympathize with him, but they will almost always side with those having the deepest pockets.

But before asking Congress to get their house in order, he may want to clean his own house. After reading that the Catholic Church is relocating Priests accused of sex crimes against children to poor parishes in South America, he seems unwilling to enforce his own zero tolerance policy.

I was a little surprised that 4 Supreme Court Justices chose not to attend the Pope’s historic address to Congress, 3 of them were Catholic. If Catholics don’t want to face the Pope, can you imagine their horror when they face the white throne judgment?

I was watching a documentary on Whitey Bulger and was amazed by issues raised about the FBI’s complicity with his involvement in organized crime. There was a very sobering statement by one of his associates who testified and asked if he lied. His honest response was that he did lie, “I am a criminal”. No denial there…

I watched the documentary in preparation for Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Whitey in Black Mass. The movie has “Oscar nominee” written all over it.

The annual Mecca pilgrimage has turned deadly with over 700 dead and more injured due to a stampede. I would not have been so surprised if this happened at a third world country soccer game, but in Saudi Arabia? Their chamber of commerce sure didn’t adequately organize the event.

For the gazillionaires who want everything, how about your own floating private island? Would you ride out a hurricane on it?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday question

If God decided to answer all your prayers tomorrow, how many people, other than yourself would receive His blessing?

Would it have an impact on the entire world, our country, our leadership, our unity, our poor and suffering or would you be the main benefactor?

When I was presented with this question, I realized I can be selfish when it comes petitioning God for His help. Praying for those I love is easy, but praying for thieves, murders and for those who wish me harm is a reflection of His love, which is definitely not human nature.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bridgeport has lost a precious jewel...

Heartfelt condolences to Barry Green, aka the Liberally Lean Blogging Deity of Wise County in the loss of his mother, whom I consider a virtuous woman. Please pray for him and his family. Acts of kindness and concern are a blessing during this time.

The Greatest Show on Earth

 ~ When Ted Cruz introduced himself at the debate last night, I thought he would shout “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” at any moment. If he went on the program for the next 3 years, I think he could easily win the Presidency.

I thought Jeb's head was going to explode when The Donald refused to apologize to his wife for a previous statement. It's obvious that Jeb is used to getting his way.

 ~ I was a bit taken back after reading all the Wise County Grand Jury indictments in August, especially the number of drug charges. The cost of dealing with these crimes must be staggering.

There is no telling how much revenue is generated by the legal defense sector. With the large number of offenders, cutting deals with prosecutors look to be the most efficient and profitable solution. I remember an old saying, “a good lawyer knows the law, but the best lawyers know the judge”.

 ~ I predict the prison population to either double over the next decade or catch and release on parole en mass. Making a living by illegal means is a formidable temptation, especially during hard times. It’s an easy option, void of most bureaucracies other than the justice system.

 ~ After contemplating all the chaos going on, I wondered if there was such a thing as “peak population”. What is the maximum population the earth can sustain. After a Google search, I found numerous projections and the numbers vary between 9 and 12 billion, and most theorize it will occur between the years 2070 and 2100.

Historically, humans have gone to war for resources or religion. Now that many countries have the power to literally destroy the earth, what would keep them from taking action if they were dying from lack of resources to survive?

 ~ NPR had a good article on the Federal Reserve and its meeting this week. What caught my attention was their ability in “creating money”. That’s very powerful.

 ~ Little kids getting drunk on hand sanitizers? Yes, it’s becoming more frequent. Alcohol comes in many packages and concentrations.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Think happy thoughts

Shangri La ~ would you be happy there alone?

Our economy is now experiencing the fallout from the oil bust. I fear it’s just beginning. I hope I’m wrong. If the housing market tanks, we are in for devastating losses, as well as 50% unemployment.

My thoughts may be considered an alternate reality for most. Our dependence on an incompetent government is so enormous that it has become a possibility. Maybe even the endgame.

The wealthy continue to renounce US citizenship, supposedly over our tax rate. Is there a safer country to live and protect their wealth? Globalization may make moving money out of the US a good financial decision, but Shangri La has no appeal without family, friends and structured security.

Reportedly, 12 million Syrians have been displaced, the greatest migrant crisis since World War II. I cannot help but think that the past actions of the USA and our current foreign policy has had a major role in this crisis.

The plight of these refugees makes me wonder what I would do if I had to leave my home and move my family. What would I take and where would I go? Whether by natural disaster or civil unrest, its almost unthinkable, yet possible. What would you do to keep yourself and your family alive?

Presently here in the US, DHS detention camps are a reality for some immigrants, but after watching what happened after hurricane Katrina, they could become temporary homes for the displaced.

California may have found an alternative through state approved assisted suicide. I wonder how it can be suicide if it is assisted?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Social chaos the new norm?

Extreme biking at its finest

~ I finally broke down and watched “The Social Network” about Mark Zuckerberg and how he created Facebook. It did not paint a pretty picture of him. The movie inferred he stole the idea and screwed over his partner and only friend. Of course, they all got paid off in the end, but I found it quite sad.

I have no doubt how brilliant he is and the culmination of ideas that made it an overnight success, but being a billionaire doesn’t always make living with yourself a pleasant task. His focus, diligence, persistence and resolve was inspiring, but there is/was a cost.

What jumped out at me most about the creation of Facebook was one of its primary objectives was to help college students “get laid”. Relationship status was a great asset to its success. Justin Timberlake played a great supporting role as a successful opportunistic villain that helped take it to the next level.

It may be the billionaires that eventually control our government, economy and standard of living. When people in leadership can be bought, sold, bribed and extorted, they become easily manipulated into going against their own belief systems and taking the path of self-perpetuation. A path not easily backtracked.

~ I heard a Minister say that when questioning the will of God and why He would allow all the horrible things that happen in the world, that it wasn’t a matter of being God’s will. He said it was the will of man that creates most of the chaos and destruction we experience.

The post above was even more meaningful after reading an article claiming 182 people were killed by guns over the labor day weekend. Combined with the Syrian refugee plight, it reminds me we are not in a live and let live world. Humans suffer from a madness not easily acceptable, yet justified in our own eyes. 

Loving one another seems to compete with our selfish desires. Kindness, tolerance and patience must be learned, it's not instinctive. The act of caring for others without an immediate payoff seems lost. I am not innocent.