Monday, June 26, 2017

Five Cliches Used to Attack Free Speech

1. ”There are limits to free speech.
2. “Hate speech is not free speech.”
3. “We must balance freedom of speech with other issues.”
4. ”The most stingent protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic.” Oliver Wendall Holmes, Jr.
5. ”Maybe this speech is protected now…but the law is always changing.”

  ~ My opinion of not allowing cameras at White House press conferences is a good idea. The best way not to look stupid in the eyes of the world is to restrict photos and videos. Of course, there are many other forums that can create a similar perception.

 ~ Does anyone remember when liberal websites ridiculed Otto Warmbier for getting what he deserved after going to North Korea? A bad memory is quite convenient. 

 ~  Something I read in the NY Times that got my attention: 'The greatest threat to technology jobs is technology'...What a paradox.

 ~ Time to buy a few oil stocks while the price is down.  When the bombs start flying again in a month or two, I expect a 20 percent profit...

 ~ Mrs. Crane has finally convinced me to take a trip on the Heartland Flyer with grandchildren.  I am going over my survival gear, wish me luck...

Friday, June 16, 2017

Hate, it serves a select audience

 ~ There is only 1 thing worse than Obamacare, and that’s an unknown healthcare plan. People are used to the government screwing them, so the fear is quite understandable.

 ~ I almost fell out of my chair when I read the headline “”Putin Offers Asylum to James Comey”. This dog and pony show is getting out of hand…

 ~ When the bad guys are able to ‘dehumanize’ their enemy, it makes it much easier for their followers to justify killing them. Terminating someone’s life for one’s own beliefs is a terrorist action. Anyone who is party to instigating, enabling and/or participating in any part of this process is just as guilty as the killer.

Draining the political swamp in Washington should not include violence. But truthfully, who hasn’t considered the possibility?

 ~ Well, the Trumpster has nixed my future trip to Cuba…back on the bucket list. At least they are one less government we will be funding. We shouldn’t be enabling or supporting communist countries to begin with, unless we want Americans to learn to love their ideals.

 ~ What responsible parent would support, aid or enable their child to visit North Korea or any other communist country? That’s like taking a Sunday school class of 16 year olds on a tour of Planned Parenthood. Little good can come from the experience.

 ~ Classified information is being leaked from our intelligence agencies by kids with top secret clearance. Why, you ask, are kids being given clearance? Because they are multilingual. Supposedly there are thousands of high school students translating classified information. If they want to sing, let them do it behind bars…

There are only a few reasons I can think of as to why Itelligence Agency leakers aren’t thrown in jail: 1. They have more damaging info to hold the dogs at bay; 2. Agency officials aren’t smart enough to catch them or figure out who they are.

Personally, I believe anyone convicted of leaking classified information which endangers Americans or undermines our security should face a firing squad. That shit would stop ‘tout de suite.’

 ~ I could not be more disappointed in the fact that my all time love interest Megyn Kelly moved to NBC. A conservative Christian journalist working and promoting a brand who seemingly supports a socialist, Marxist regime in America saddens me. I, for one, have tuned her out…

 ~ Local lawyers are standing in line and foaming at the mouth for John Fostel’s judgeship. A steady government check coupled with less public accountability creates a virtual stampede to the feeding teat. I know who I would vote for, and he's over 65…

All the Ways Apple’s iOS 11 Will Change Your iPhoneNY Times

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Trump Russian Conspiracy

This was in the Bridgeport Index this week. Feel free to believe what you want and come to your own conclusions.  These facts don't make the MSM very often...  Click on the photo to zoom in.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sorry for being absent
my soapbox was in the shop

  ~ I was reading where 18 CIA informants were killed or imprisoned in China between 2010 and 2012. Spying for the USA is not a good career move. Unmasking is taking its tole.

  ~ I noticed that the terrorism threat level in Britain was raised to critical after the Manchester bombing. Once the population changes it’s mind and halts importing radical Muslim jihadists and Sharia fundamentalists, it will be too late to change the course of terrorism without exporting en mass.
  ~ The Finnish aren’t always politically correct when describing “grammer Nazis”, which translates to English as “comma fu@%er$”. They think like many Texans. Words that America need.

  ~ Although Trump’s budget proposes deep cuts to programs for the poor, I tend to believe our government enables the poor to stay poor and promotes sloth, mostly for political gain.

The great hyprocrisy of liberals is they still justify government spending even after the last administration doubled American debt. The sad, unAmerican reality is that no person, business or country will ever get ahead in this world by living and spending above their means. Why would they think USA is exempt from this truth?

Another sad, inconvenient truth: Massive debt is just another form of bondage. It allows creditors to dictate terms to debtors., In our case, it is the middle class working American who actually pays 90% of government spending and is condemned for not wanting to enable sloth and murder.

  ~ I have mixed emotions on the President’s withdrawal from the Paris accord. Being party to a group who creates agreements that are voluntary and used to create higher taxes that benefit other countries is just another form of redistribution of wealth. It made Al Gore a wealthly man.

In my opinion, global warming is a fact of nature, otherwise, this planet would still be in an ice age.

  ~ I can’t say I was saddened when I read where former Penn State University President and 2 other former officials got jail time for their roles in the child molestation scandal at the school. I predict a probated sentence on appeal, if he retains counsel who knows the judge.

Ignoring bad behavior is either denial or enabling. I tend to believe they enabled it since silence is consent. “You cannot change what you do not acknowledge”, Dr. Phil McGraw, accomplished egotist.

  ~ Portland’s Mayor wants a free speech rally to be cancelled, citing it was dangerous. Isn’t it sad that a free speech rally in America is considered dangerous. Rivers of blood have been spilled defending the rights listed in our Constitution. Time to confront our domestic enemies.

If constitutionalists don’t stand up and defend freedom of speech and expression in their communities, they deserve to lose it. This is similar to what happened in Nazi Germany.

  ~ College graduates are now celebrating their racial and LGBT diversity by holding separate “diversity commencements”. I have no problem with this. My problem is when they expect and demand special rights and priviledges beyond those guaranteed to all Americans. 

I was pondering the thought of the creation of public “safe spaces” in the shower the other morning and a thought came to mind. The only safe space that exists is inside God’s will, and even there risk and danger cannot be avoided.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Other People's Money

It looks like Alvord voters disagree with the school board’s $13.6 million bond package. 116 for/404 against. I predict the board will figure out a way to get around the voters, much like is done in most school districts in Texas.

Maybe they can do it like Chico, whose school bond package of $1.8 million passed 97 for/92 against. Smaller amounts are less intimidating and taxes increase ever so slightly.

I noticed Rex Hoskins won place 4 on the Decatur School Board. A popular police chief is about to learn how to make a lot of enemies by engaging in politics. Good luck Rex, you’re gonna need it.

Of course, the property tax base in the Northwest School District must be through the roof. I notice where a $399 million school bond package passed by over a thousand votes. What does $400 million by these days?

The state of Maryland may want to use Northwest’s schools hiring policies after one County alone placed over 500 school employees on administrative leave this school year for alleged child abuse or neglect. To hell with administrative leave, if guilty, they should go to jail. They will understand how abuse affects humans very quickly while in prison.

I have never seen the media, politicians and citizens go negative on a US President like they have with Trump. How haters do so enjoy hating... I need to remember that these same type of zealots crucified Jesus...

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Many Americans prefer to focus on the problem instead of the solution

Now that's funny!

 ~ Would you believe that U.S. taxpayers are paying Jihadists and their families? The US government gives the Palestinian Authority $300 million dollars a year, bloodmoney, to support Jihadists and their survivors. A family whose son was murdered while visiting Israel found out that the murderer's family is making money off their son's death. The Taylor Force Act is trying to stop it.

It's hard for me to wrap my head around the concept that we have to pass a law to stop taxpayer funding of terrorism, which, by definition, is already deemed a criminal act.  The last administration, with the help of the MSM, kept this a closely guarded secret. Sadly, very few American are aware of it since it’s not part of the Resistance or liberal agenda, and not making MSM headline news.

 ~ As I continue to observe the latest progressive liberal socialist repressive, totalitarian and sometimes militant movement known as the “Resistance”, they all seem to have one thing in common: they want the government to pay their bills, subsidize their lifestyle or bestow them special rights and priviledges.

The Resistance has 2 big problems with their movement: 1. Government money is taxpayer money, hence accountability of funding their causes should come from the taxpayers, and we are getting fed up. Don't believe me? Look at who was elected POTUS.  2. The U.S. Constitution protects law abiding US citizens equally; regardless of race, creed, religion, gender, national origin, age or ancestry.

If you look closely, they are doing everything they can to get taxpayer funding for their fringe causes as well as circumvent the US Constitution.  Allow me to further illustrate.

The 82nd Annual 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade in Portland has been cancelled due to a threat received by email. The reason for the anonymous threat: the Multnomah County Republican Party is a participant.
‘"The fascists know that we'll keep shutting their marches down," the Facebook event states. "They are now planning to march within other parades to protect their message of hate and white supremacy — it won't work."’
This is an act of terrorism.  This is also a hate crime.  The reason it is not called terrorism is because it promotes the agenda of the Resistance and is supported by the MSM, whose focus is on anything anti-Trump instead of the actual issues and his proposed policies.  The MSM is complicit in inciting civil unrest and violence. 

The intolerant left believes freedom of speech and expression only applies to their fringe group. And remember, silence is consent of this movement.

What the intolerant left has yet to discover is that when the tolerant right gets fed up with being patient, tolerant and kind, and decides to defend their rights, blood will fill the streets. We ain't played cowboys and terrorists yet, but it's a comin... Come pull that shit in Texas or Oklahoma and see what happens.

Those who disagree with this proposition are welcome to move to Oregon, California or any of the liberal states and cities that that welcome and support this movement.  I imagine we can get a fund started to help with your moving expenses. Don't come here and try to change our beliefs, move to where you can flock with your Dodo family.

~ Trump's new tax plan wants to lower corporate taxes. The left wants the public to believe he’s doing it for personal gain. I tend to believe that lower corporate taxes would create lower cost of consumer goods that we buy, benefiting the consumer, comprised mainly of the middle class. In my business, the taxes we pay are passed on to the consumer, just like all our cost of goods sold. The consumer pays all our bills.

If my company taxes are reduced, I would also be able to hire more help instead of outsourcing the work and spend more money on improvements and upgrades, creating more work for the evil working class.

Speaking of company taxes, has there ever been a class action lawsuit against a Texas property taxing entity for inflating property appraisals? I know I would gladly participate in one if it were created. Although unpopular, raising the property tax rate is understandable, but inflating appraised values is criminal.

 ~ I just watched Senator Diane Feinstein say “Senator [Bernie} Sanders isn’t a Democrat”. Please prove to me that most Congressional Democrats, including Senator Feinstein, are not socialists or do not promote socialist reform.

Is this hacker a hero? After reading the entire article, he/she seems to be doing the world a favor.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Proof? Pudding? or Poo?

 ~ In my post on April 6th, I predicted Bill O’Reilly would announce his retirement this summer. Well, it looks like Bill would not leave gracefully, so Fox News just removed him from their prime time line up. I should have known his ego would not allow him to retire…

  ~ I believe the leaders of several countries are be re-reading the treaties they signed with the US and the UN. Now that someone is actually enforcing the treaties and holding these countries accountable for breaking them, risk versus reward will be reevaluated.

Of course, both the media and politicians continue not to let a “serious crisis go to waste”.

  ~ If there were as many commercial airline crashes in real life as there are on TV, I would never set foot on an airplane.

Speaking of airlines, I predict a windfall of lawsuits against them for past forced removals now that the public is favorable to the victims of their actions.

  ~ Ninety thousand (90,000) Christians were killed last year because of their religious belief. That makes them the most persecuted religion in the world.

  ~ Liberals embracing violence? Anti-fascists attacking others demostrating free speech at Patriot Day in a Berkley Park? Now that leadership is fighting back, you can expect a trickle down effect. In the south, someone would have been shot, and self-defense is legal in conservative states.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Double standard?
Double-Double standard?

One might ask why Russia is backing Syria and Iran and denouncing the U.S. My guess: follow the money. They stand to gain billions in weapons sales. Of course, you heard no public outcry when Hillary brokered the sale of our plutonium reserves to Russia, which will end up in weapons based in Iran, North Korea and China to start. Double standard?

Also remember that when Russia went into Afghanistan, we sent hundreds of millions in support of those fighting against them. Double standard? Where did all the money end up and who benefitted? The industrial military complex, located or controlled mainly by the USA, China and Russia.

If this is accurate, one might deduce that Putin is for sale and that greed is evil. Please name one politician in Washington that doesn’t have his hand out and will many times support the lobby that is most generous. There is a long list of timely donations to the Clinton foundation before several large government deals were closed. Double standard?

You were promised by President Obama, John Kerry and Susan Rice that chemical weapons were removed from Syria years ago because they negotiated a signed treaty to that affect. You might also find it important to remember that the same promises were made by the same people with similar treaties concerning Iran’s nuclear weapons program. These leaders are deemed champions of peace and the people. Double standard?

If you look at separate interviews of Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton by the same interviewer, it’s not difficult to see a double standard in attitude, treatment and questioning. Starts at the 17:46 mark.

Hell, how does Wells Fargo Bank react to the DOJ investigation into their latest scandal? They appoint Chelsea Clinton to their board of directors for one. After $1.5 billion in fines in the last four years, they may believe she could be an effective asset. Where’s the media outcry? Where’s the Occupy Wall Street movement? Double standard? If this would have been one of Trump’s kids, I assure you progressives would be screaming from the mountain tops.

Or how about feminist and women’s rights activist Senator Elizabeth Warren who pays her female employees an average of 71 cents on the dollar paid to her male employees. Why aren’t feminists publically outraged? Double standard?

Our government leaders are liars and thieves. The media enables, endorses and encourages these leaders, at least until they’re caught and can't be ignored. Even worse, the American people accept and tolerate it, once again proving that it’s easier to believe a comforting lie than a painful truth.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The world has gone mad...

 ~ By using Sarin gas on his own people, Syrian president Assad self-imposed his own death sentence. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. I predict he will be hung. Chemical weapons kill on the cheap. If he’ll use it on his own citizens, he won’t think twice about using it on other countries.

Although the POTUS will not discuss whether or not he will take military action against Syria, the military seems eager to let the media know they’re developing options for a military strike there. A surprise attack in this day and age is virtually impossible.

  ~ I’m getting the distinct feeling that the POTUS is using the wiretapping and Russia issues to distract the press from other matters that they prefer less media attention. If that’s the case, it’s working.

It seems the media is so focused on Trump’s executive orders, they have gone above and beyond previous administration’s to make sure you can read every word. The media never made the former POTUS’ executive orders quite so easy to find.

 ~ Democrats and Republicans have declared war on one another in Congress. What happened to doing the right thing for the American people? Or protect and serve? Or to their oath to uphold our Constitution? 

  ~ In America, justice may be blind, but will still accept your check…

  ~ I predict Bill O’Reilly will announce his retirement this summer. Sexual harassment allegations are never good, but in his case, taking the high road in morality won’t work for him. I don’t think Lucifer himself could deceive convince a jury panel that Bill doesn’t have problems with pride, greed, lust, anger or envy. Loss of advertisers is the nail in the coffin.

  ~ A guy I know has been selling Rottweiler pups. He brought them by to show me. I think I could sell Mrs. Crane on one for personal protection…