Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jimmy Crack Corn

 ~ Five new states may join Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska by legalizing recreational use of marijuana in the November elections. California, Maine, Florida, Arizona and Massachusetts may become popular stoner destinations in the future. Pizza sales could double as well.

  ~ Mrs. Crane prepared squirrel dumplings for me last weekend and I must admit, they were delicious. Albeit, I find most pets to be delicious. She’s so good to me I just ordered her an iPhone 7. I’m also checking out my fire extinguishers around the house.

  ~ Tommyboy made an interesting comment Tuesday that if Americans every found out the election process was rigged, it could quite possibly cause civil war. After thinking that over, I believe that if the elections were rigged, hackers would publish the details eventually, unless they preferred to extort cash.

The problem with having that information and the perpetrators knowing about it is that you would be on the top of a hit list that would use every resource in their arsenal to find and eliminate their target.

 ~ A very successful Oklahoma farmer asked me if I knew the difference between a good farmer and a poor farmer, which I said I did not. His response: "About a week."

  ~ If anyone knows the best place to find good health coverage with a decent deductible that actually pays off, please let me know. 2017 looks to be a beating! $10-15k out of pocket seems to be the average affordable policy…

Friday, October 14, 2016

Not much to say these days,
that's a switch!

 ~ The Donald was on his game Sunday in the debate. He set her up to bring up issues he wanted addressed and reminded her of her and her husband’s actions. The most brilliant ploy was deflecting the audio recording of his womanizing by bringing in the women from the Clinton past. The media kept playing the recording ALL WEEK.

  ~ I formed a smile this morning after reading the headline, “Squirrel scam targets elderly churchgoers in Farmers Branch”. How original! It looks like a new and possibly profitable service industry could form if there is a large enough market.

BTW, I am actually having squirrel dumplings this weekend. Yes, I have redneck tendencies…

  ~ I received a comment recently on 10 predictions I made on November 5, 2008 about an Obama presidency. It stated that they were overly dramatic. Feel free to look and tell me how many of the 10 have not come to pass.

It will entirely depend on where you get your facts ( and whose numbers you choose to use as to the validity of my predictions. Remember that the true measurement of joblessness and energy crisis vary by reference.

 ~ It’s great to see The Blogging Deity of Wise County back on his best game. He claims to be the hardest working man in show business…and as of late, that may be true.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Are your enterained?

~ I have been watching Saturday Night Live for over 35 years and have been highly entertained. The October 1st episode was one of the funniest overall performances I have ever witnessed. I think I've watched it 3 times now. 

  ~ America’s (if not the world’s) most dangerous enemy is Iran, yet our government vilifies Russia and China, who don’t want to kill us but compete with us (especially selling weapons). This administration has supported, enabled and justified Iran’s nuclear ambitions and their active movement toward global jihad. Somebody prove to me I’m wrong and give references.

  ~ The woman LEO that shot the unarmed black man is using the defense that she suffered from “audio exclusion” (temporary deafness due to a high stress situation”). I don’t find that a reasonable justification for killing the man since she still had use of her other senses, including her vision.

  ~ Hackers are targeting our voter registration systems according to the Dept of Homeland Security. If elections aren’t rigged, they will eventually get hacked. There are trillions at stake from the POTUS election.

  ~ Trump’s Twitter account get’s million’s of dollars worth of media coverage. Sadly, both campaigns focus on the problems instead of the solutions.

  ~ As far as cutting taxes to stimulate the economy, Reagan did it in California as governor and in the USA as POTUS and both economies went on a boom of historic proportion. I watched it happen, so don’t let a politician change our history based on their misinformative statements.

  ~ The NY Times broke the law when they published Trump’s tax returns. If I were Trump and didn’t win the election, between the lawsuit and criminal charges I would file, I would own that publication. Free speech is no excuse of publishing portected, private informatio.

It seems they give Trump a hard time, but if you’re Bill or Hillary Clinton, you get a pass…

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Law and order
lawless and disorderly?

 ~ I think Trump let Hillary off easy in the first debate. When she said that the biggest national security threat was terrorists getting nuclear weapons, I was waiting for him to ask her why then are they allowing Iran, a known terrorist state, to further their nuclear ambitions?

When she expressed her concern about cyber terrorism, I wondered why he didn't bring up her lack of cyber security on her personal server.

When talking about personal financial responsibility, why didn't he ask her how they lost/misplaced $5 billion in the Middle East? 

When she talked about creating jobs, why didn't he ask her how she could create more jobs and increase wages when companies keep leaving America. 

When she talked about her stamina and experience with speaking with hundreds of people and several countries about making treaties and deals, why didn't he ask her if they had to donate to her foundation to close the deals?

When she talked about protecting Americans, why didn't he ask her about the Americans she let die in Bengazi?

The list can go on and on...

  ~ The MSM and this administration does not differentiate protesters from rioters, which seemingly condones rioters and allows them justification by using the term “protesters”. This seems to be a clear sign that they are enabling, if not promoting the violence. I predict they will change the term “terrorist” to “protester” next.

Two things come to my deranged mind when contemplating this. 1. Violence is good for media ratings, which helps advertising income. 2. FEMA camps were probably created for this very reason. I don’t see any prison or jail big enough to hold the escalation of rioters in the coming years. Our government has been prepping with body bags, coffins, guns and ammo for the last several years.

  ~ The Post wrote an eye-opening opinion piece about job destruction in America caused by technology. Currently, your position may not be secure, but AI and robotics will be doing manual labor in place of our grandchildren.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ka Ka Ka

  ~ The father of the New York bombing suspect told the police he was a terrorist 2 years ago, which prompted an FBI investigation. This should serve as proof that our government cannot or will not protect us.

I see no way to successfully combat this problem without using the proven tactic of “profiling”. Israel is most successful with this problem and that’s exactly how they do it. If our bureaucracy was interested in defeating this movement, they would re-implement the method, the same way they catch serial killers.

Claiming that profiling is unconstitutional is just a pretext for justification of non-action.  Politicians have more to gain from instilling fear and unrest in citizens than protecting and serving.  Americans just accept lip service instead of active service.

~ Grabbing for straws, Clinton is blaming Trump for inspiring acts of terrorism. These acts started escalating long before Trump took the political stage. As former Secretary of State, one might think she would admit some responsibility for not doing more to defend and defeat our common enemies instead of soliciting donations from them... 

  ~ An Army private serving a 35 year prison sentence goes on a hunger strike because he/she cannot get treatment for gender dysphoria. What does the Army do? They agree to provide the surgery suggested by his/her psychologist. I expect him/her to be very popular in prison.

  ~ GOP golden boy Coin Powell seems to have fallen from grace after hackers disclosed emails showing his two faces. He defended Hilary’s private server, saying he did the same thing, but now we see how vulnerable practicing that method. He’s also used some very sour words in his description of Trump.

Would you trust Powell now that the record shows he will praise you publically but condemn you behind your back? I think not. Thank you Russia for exposing this fraud. He’s just another two-faced bureaucrat.

  ~ I always believed Governor Christie was responsible for the Washington bridge closing to punish the local mayor. The guy is smart, but crooked, just like most successful politicians.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hey Whimpie, pay me it's Tuesday!

 ~ Why would any patriotic American stage a protest against first responders (police) on a day reserved to remember those who lost their lives and the selfless acts of heroism that were demonstrated on 9/11? Would someone who loves America demonstrate disrespect for our National Anthem for any reason? I think not.

They have the right to protest, but I have the right to call the act disgraceful. Police and other first responders risk their lives daily to protect Americans, which is a much greater sacrifice than these athletes will ever make to protect us.

I, for one, protest them. I will boycott all those players, teams and their corporate sponsors for dishonoring the deaths and sacrifices made by thousands, as well as disrespecting our National Anthem. They don’t deserve the blessings of freedom purchased by the blood of true patriots.

  ~ Conservative activist, lawyer and author Phyllis Schlafly died recently. She spoke out against liberal ideology; including abortion, homosexuality and anything else that weakened families or our nation. America’s pop media pundits sure had some disgraceful things to tweet about her.

Is anyone surprised that liberals demand tolerance for their beliefs but spew vile rhetoric about someone who publicly opposes theirs? Can’t wait until they experience Sharia law…

  ~ As Hillary vilifies big banks and corporations, Goldman Sachs banned employee donations to Trump, but not her. I have to believe the biggest reason is that they don’t or can’t control him or he’s more expensive to buy…

  ~ The U.S. Defense secretary denounced Russia while in England because he believes they hacked the DNC’s computer system. This is a great hypocrisy since our government spies on and monitors more private information than any other country in the world.

It takes criminal action of an Edward Snowden or Julian Assange to make their actions public. These men took great risk to inform us, and we did virtually nothing.  Sadly, the America people don't make our government truly accountable for their tyranny, which is coming soon to your home and workplace.

  ~ The US government wants us to believe Russia is our life-long enemy, when in actuality, they are just a competitor. They want their people employed, compliant and prosperous, just like all taxing entities… Hell, they’ve agreed to help us fight ISIS in Syria. Does that sound like the actions of our enemy?

 ~ The POTUS has threatened to veto a bill the both the Senate and the HORs unanimously passed that allows the victims to sue Saudi Arabia for their participation in the 911 attack in New York. As this administration promotes globalization, one might ask why he would veto the bill.

Why would he deny Americans the right to sue a foreign country for damages and reparation for terrorism? It’s just a trial, don’t those countries want to clear their name? Doesn’t he want those responsible to pay for the damage or is that right exclusively reserved for the US government?

My first inclination is to believe that he is protecting countries who sponsor acts of terrorism, of which, Iran and Saudi Arabia are at the top of the list.  Does this President truly represent and defend the interests of the American people? It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out...

  ~ On the lighter side of things, scientists like President Obama so much they named a parasite after him. How fitting…