Friday, December 1, 2017

A few questions...
...if you don't mind.

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The price/cost for negligently taking a life in Wise County when guilty of intoxication manslaughter: 5 years in prison. Is that the value you would place on your child’s life? How very. very sad.

California went from one of the wealthiest states in America to one of the poorest. If you don’t think they are having issues, over 50% of drivers license applicants last year were illegal aliens. The writing is on the wall. The middle class is leaving, the rich will have endentured servitude, the government will beg for a bailout.

A Canadian hedge fund manager commits fraud, costing investors hundreds of millions of dollars, and goes to jail. Then he makes a plan to escape. You may find this a good read. He said, “God had a different plan”. He should have been more careful before invoking God into the conversation.

I was watching a video on The Deity’s blog of a woman who refused to put her cigarette out in a football stadium and the officer drug her out of her seat. I hope to be the first to coin the term “the Clinton syndrome”, which I define as the belief that rules don’t apply to those who suffer from the conditon.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Tis the season for snowflakes...

~ If you believe our government can protect us, then you may want to read this article that tells how the NSA’s cyberweapons were hacked, which resulted in attacks on businesses and civilians all over the world. Never underestimate the incompetence and corruption of our government. This is a VERY BIG DEAL…

~ So I’m listening to a Republican Senator who voted against the new tax plan because it raised taxes some of his constituants. When asked what he considered “middle class”, he said the problem was with the “upper middle class”, who he described making $3-$4 million a year. I thought Democrats wanted rich people to pay more taxes, why aren’t they all in?

Even if the new tax plan raised their taxes, the increase of their investments in the stock market, retirement plans and 401ks should more than offset the tax increase. If they aren’t already sheltering their money to avoid paying tax, that’s their own fault.

~ All the media and politicians changing their mind concerning sex abuse allegations against Bill Clinton is most disingenuous. Saying they made a mistake and should have called for his resignation or impeachment is most decietful since they would not be saying a word if Hillary was POTUS. One word: positioning.

  ~ I don’t see how Roy Moore can overcome public opinion and win the election. This may be unpopular, but if a teenager who commits premediated murder can be tried as an adult, isn’t it possible they can make choices of who they have sex with? Why aren’t more adults going to jail for making minors pregnant? Abortion?

Many countries allow 14 year olds to marry and have children. Contrary to popular beliefs, many in America were married at 14, and became life-long partners. Physical maturity comes before emotional and mental maturity. Live and learn.

  ~ Kathy Griffin placing blame on the media for being blacklisted for her behavior is like Roy Moore blaming the media for his past behavior. Placing blame does not excuse the behavior. Just own up, apologize and move on. Most Americans will forgive bad behavior if sincere amends are made.

I'm sure many of you will disagree with my analysis and opinion, which if fine.  Just remember, like me, all of us could be wrong.  Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your family is so blessed.

Monday, November 6, 2017

It's game on America...
Let's play!!!

  ~ The stock market is going through the roof. I hope you’re benefiting from this prosperity. Health care reform and immigration reform will create a similar effect.

  ~ 12 Republican congressional leaders are not running for reelection: this is big. I can only deduce that they either can’t get reelected or someone has dirt on them. Either way, the swamp is getting drained. Go Bannon go!!!

This reminds me of when John McCain last ran for U.S. Senate. He was being filmed at the border and called for the completion of that, “danged fence”.  It looks like he's evolved into a swamp rat. 

  ~ So I’m watching an interview of a candidate for the senate in Michigan. I was so impressed with him, I contributed to his campaign. Talk is cheap. I have chosen to support leaders who demonstrate Christian values, I urge you to do the same.

Change will not happen by osmosis. Do not expect God to bless America if we don’t take action and be his instrument for change. He has gifted us with great resources and I believe He wants us to use them to do his will and further His kingdom.  Our leadership is important.

  ~ Have you ever asked yourself why does the left want to change our culture? Isn’t the American culture one of the most diverse in the world and the envy of the planet?

They scream the tax cut benefits the rich, yet all reliable institutions refute their claim. Obstruction and misinformation at its finest.

  ~ There is a big shakeup in Saudi Arabia. There have been 11 Princes arrested. I expect a serious redistribution of wealth.

  ~ Let me get this straight, when Eric Trump meets with a Russian attorney, it’s collusion and treason; when the Hillary campaign and the DNC buy information from a law firm with information from Russian sources, it’s opposition research. How truly hypocritical.

Did the left not realize when they screamed colusion with Russia and demand investigations that they would not get caught with what looks to be extreme pay to play by their own leadership? They’re screaming about Russia spending $150,000 on Facebook ads when it turns out they paid over $100 million to the Clinton Foundation for rights to our Uranium. Dude!

  ~ I predict Biden will run for President in 2020. I also predict the left will make Bergdahl a hero, as did President Obama. They are giving lessons on how to subvert our military and embolden our enemies.

  ~ If you don’t think Washington D.C. is working night and day against Donald Trump, just remember that only 4% D.C. actually voted for him. They voted their pocketbook.

  ~ If you’re driving a 3 Series model BMW, there’s roughly 1 million of them at risk for catching fire. Good luck with that…

  ~ Creativity does not come from agreement, it comes from good natured quarreling. Adam Grant, New York Times op-ed writer suggests our kids should fight more.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Uranium or Uranus

 ~ What is the most convincing evidence that the Uranium One scandal is the biggest conspiracy of this century. After five days of the story breaking that the FBI had an informant and the DOJ will not let him go public, NBC, CBS and ABC news outlets have spent a total of zero (0) minutes covering the story.

I get the impression that the industrial military complex needs more product to sell our enemies.  We’re talking about hundreds of billions in potential revenue.  Who wields more power on earth than these guys?

 ~ California Governor Jerry Brown wants the federal government to declare Cali a disaster area so they can get FEMA disaster funding for the wildfires there. This comes just weeks after the state formally declared that they are a sanctuary state and would not follow federal law regarding illegal aliens. What say you???

Of course, the feds caved and authorized funding assisance to 7 counties. I guess helping people should come first, even if their government officials want to succeed from the USA…

~ Bill O’Reilly settled his sexual harrassment lawsuit with former 15 year network analyst Lis Wiehl for $32 million. What percentage of women would put up with that to net 16 million?

~ I admire Rand Paul for standing firm on his principles. That being said, I plan to support his GOP opponent in the next election cycle. His unwillingness to compromise undermines changes in our laws, which are slow and gradual.

~ I find it perplexing that George W. Bush spoke out critically of Donald Trump but never, to my knowledge, went after Barack Obama, who blamed him for all the nation’s problems years after becoming President. Is it establishment politics, a personal grudge or something else.

Other than Abe Lincoln, what other president was more divisive in this country than Obama. Trump did not create the problems with race relations, immigration, health care or terrorism.  Athough unpopular with many, he is taking action to keep Americans safe and employed, as well as holding business and political leaders accountable for their actions, or in some cases, inactions.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Are you entertained by the drama?
I'm not...

  ~ Based on everything I have seen and heard, which is very much of very little, I believe the Las Vegas shooter’s motive was fame. He had money, enjoyed high stakes poker and probably participated in the many forms of entertainment Nevada offers. I see a man wanting to make a name for himself.

What will make his actions notoriously infamous is that he purposefully gave no incite as to why he did it. This will drive most people crazy. To a reasoning culture thriving to solve peoples’ problems, it is unreconcilable. Haters are fueled by motives, they must find blame.

  ~ I am truly inspired by people stepping up to the plate to help others in need. Few MSM sources share how couragous, generous and self-sacrificing Americans are to the suffering. Bitching about the problem seldom provides a solution. And if you’re looking for the government to provide our solutions, you’re going to be disappointed.

 ~ If you’re in a big room with lots of people and someone goes postal, let me assure you that you will pray to God that someone, other than the murderer, is carrying a gun and is not afraid to use it. Soft targets are a terrorist’s first choice.

  ~ The left screams for gun control and the right resists forcefully. The right screams to stop abortion, the left goes ballistic. I don’t see much compromise on these two issues, nor the overall belief systems on the two issues. Which one kills more people? Quite hypocritical if you ask me.

To the right, the Trumpster can do no wrong. To the left, he can do no right. Men of action are not perfect, but many learn from their mistakes. Words are cheap, and let's face it, everyone makes mistakes.

~ Speaking of cheap, I see where the Nobel Foundation is awarding prizes again. I lost all trust in the organization after awards were given to Gore and Obama, which I felt were purely political.

   ~ I must remember that I'm priviledged because I'm white, a racist because I'm conservative, homophobic because I'm Christian, a sexist, hater because I'm pro-life, a bigot because I use the term "radical Islamic terrorist" and a white supremacist, Nazi for not voting for Hillary. 

I do find hope for my deplorable condition since my creator will make the final judgement. I hear He loves everyone the same, it's just our behavior and beliefs that could hinder advancement.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

It’s not rocket science…

  ~ If you wonder why Puerto Rico’s recovery from the hurricane will not as timely as in Texas or Florida, you might want to keep in mind that the people there support a liberal government that has saddled them with a $5 billion debt they can’t pay.

It’s very difficult to get contractors to repair the damage if you can't pay them. I want them to receive help, but they shouldn’t blame the government for the consequences of their fiscal irresponsibility. I don’t like taxpayer funded bailouts of irresponsible entities, especially bureaucrasies.

  ~ Trump’s statement on the NFL protests during the National Anthem reflected the thoughts of many Americans, including my own. He just had the nerve to say it publically. I believe the marketplace will correct this issue. Loss of revenue will determine the outcome.

Pro football players are entertainers. When they cease to entertain or alienate their audience, they will either change their material or suffer loss of audience, and all that entails…

If you look up the definition of “nerve” in the future 2018 dictionary, Trump’s picture should be beside it. He has more nerve than anyone else I know outside of Hollywood. At least we don’t have to wonder what he really thinks…

  ~ Speaking of revenue, the proposed tax reform will increase government tax revenue long-term. This was proven by JFK and Reagan tax reforms. Example: 35% of $500 billion versus 20% of $1 trillion. Economic growth in America generates revenue for everyone, whereas offshoring assets and profits (globalization) promotes redistribution to other countries.

If the Obama/progressive taxation policies worked, we would not have doubled the national debt or have 95 million Americans not participating in the workforce. More jobs = more tax revenue for all entities, not to mention less welfare programs.

  ~ And then there’s the latest study on the cost of illegal aliens in America: $116 billion a year and increasing exponentially due to chain migration. Both Democrats and Republicans prefer taxpayers to fund these costs to keep cheap labor and increase their voter support. Just because it’s good for business doesn’t eliminate the devastating side effects.

Keeping the poor in their station by increasing a cheap labor force helps the wealthy and increases business profits. Why else would business take manufacturing to Mexico and China?

  ~ It will be a cold day in hell before I buy and/or read Hillary’s book. There is no way there will ever be a book on her published, while she is alive, that will tell the truth. History will not be kind to her.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Yea, I know it’s been awhile…

Trump is giving lessons on cutting red tape. Many Americans are doing a happy dance because of his actions, many are not.

The future of the Republican Party maintaining the majority in Congress will be decided this fall, based on their performance in getting legislation passed that Trump has called for. Personally, I think there is less than a 40% chance they can make it happen.

I applaud Trump for working with Dems to get his agenda passed. He never said, “Make Republicans Great Again”. All political parties include Americans, just because one may disageee with their views is not a good reason to alienate them.

I am of the opinion that Comey broke the law, even worse, leaked information, and should be indicted. This guy did should be tar and feathered. At least it would make a very good example to self-serving bureaucrats.

How very sad that the alt left are vandalizing Thomas Jefferson statues and want them removed. Do they not know that it was he who the paved the way to abolish slavery by his wording of the Constitution. I suspect they will eventually protest the very document that insures our freedom.

When the fringe of society can influence and control our governement, the majority of Americans will suffer. Granting special rights to any group is not equal justice. It also is the beginning of fascism. 

What's up with peewee football teams kneeling during the National Anthem.  They are clueless as to why they're doing it, other than it's what coach told them they should do.  Indoctrination at its finest.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

No, I don’t care who your daddy is…

I am so very dissappointed that Missouri state senator Maria Chappelloe-Nadal didn’t stick to her guns when she said she would not appologize for her FB post hoping Trump would be assassinated. I wonder who motivated her? Jesus, the Secret Service or the Justice Department. Liberals don’t normally fear Jesus or the coming judgement…

Steve Bannon put Republican congressional leaders on notice. Good, help drain the swamp. I am budgeting now to support conservative incumbents! I encourage you to do the same…

Someone needs to sell America on a 6 party system instead of the 2 party system. We need to add a Conservative party, a Liberal party, a Christian party and a Muslim party. Sadly, I believe the Muslim party would demonstrate a greater percentage of Christian values than the Christian party since many Christian support abortion…how odd is that? Abortion, jihad, murder, slavery, rape, fringe lifestyles, educating our children… the issues are mind numbing…

The latest ULTIMATE CONSPIRACY THEORY is that ‘white supremacist and ‘Unite the Right’ leader’ in Charlottesville, Jason Kesslerthe was actually an Obama supporter and a hardline member of the far-left Occupy movement. If true, Charlottesville was a setup.

I refuse to be drawn in to either side of the hate and violence rhetoric. If you can't debate it, if you can't agree to disagree, if you can't tolerate an alternate opinion, you either haven't grown up or you have a mental illness that does not allow you to reason.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Damned it you do, damned if you don’t.

Liberal politicians and MSM condemned Trump for not immediately condemning white supremacist groups for the violence in Charolettesville, NC. Then, those same liberal groups criticised Cruz and Rubio after they immediately condemned the white supremacists, saying their remarks were just for political posturing, proving that timing has nothing to do with liberal's criticism and condemnation of conservatives.

From what I witnessed in Charolettesville, the police did not do their job and separate the crowd once violence broke out. This leads me to believe that they wanted to let them fight, giving liberals another reason to blame the POTUS for civil unrest, continuing the divide and conquer agenda.

Instead of blaming the fringe white supremacists for their behavior, the responsibility has been aimed at the POTUS. Sadly, this has purposely deflated the great news that North Korean backed down from shooting missiles at Guam. Misdirection at its finest.

What the left fails to realize, is that the more they demonize the POTUS, the more his base will support and defend him. It’s not wise to declare war on conservatives since they are well able and ready to defend their beliefs, values and the Constitution. Hide and watch.

If someone participates in a protest that turns violent, expecting to stay safe by continuing to participate in it, is not rational. One should be prepared to get hurt or killed. The law of karma is in effect; you will reap what we sew.

If college campuses and cities can cancel White Lives Matter rallies, I sure hope they don’t allow Black Lives Matter rallies. The fallout would be astounding, among other things.

As NFL ratings fall, in a small part due to players protesting for not standing for the National Anthem, I predict these players contracts will not be renewed. As entertainers, an act of disrespect to the USA is not an appropriate means to protest. When they start costing their employers and the league money, they will take action, probably passive action.

Monday, August 14, 2017