Thursday, November 29, 2012

Conspiracy Theory Fact

Agenda 21 aka "Sustainable Development"

The sovereignty of the U.S. Constitution is being replaced, albeit gradually, with the Sustainable America consensus, aka the National Strategy for a Sustainable America.  
President George H.W. Bush signed America onto United Nations Agenda 21 in 1992. Everything Washington is doing aligning itself with Agenda 21, which California is presently implementing through laws like SB 375 and SB 32.  
The ultimate goal is to move the masses to urban areas, prevent sprawling and give government control of all land in America.   I highly recommend you read (between the lines) and research the true meaning of the term "social equity". 
How can they do this? Just bypass the Constitution and Congress through the use of regulatory agencies.  You may have rights, but if you can't obtain a permit to build, drill a water well, install a septic system or farm your property, the constitution won't matter and your property will be worthless! Say goodbye to free enterprise and private property rights. 
If you don’t think Wise County is part of Agenda 21 then you need to click on THIS LINK
Liberal lesbian fruitcake and anti-Obama Democrat Rosa Koire gives a fairly good presentation in this video about the implementation of Agenda 21 in California. Public meetings are orchestrated using the Delphi Technique (developed by the Rand Corporation) to achieve community support. She even shows how the youth are being indoctrinating with books like Rescue Mission: Planet 21. 
The government is no longer hiding their agenda.  They are actually preparing law enforcement for resistance from freedom rights activists.  FEMA is gearing up for  any fallout.  Americans have become too lazy to care about their rights and personal freedom as long as they're left alone and it doesn't interfere with their weekends.
If you care to look at the overall picture, feel free to research the links at the bottom of this webpage. 
Unfortunately, you will probably wish you had taken the blue pill (The Matrix) instead of reading this post or doing any further research because once you realize what's really happening here and now, there's no turning back Dorothy...and ignorance, for now, truly is bliss!  
Good luck and God bless... 


The Donald said...

Keep yer powder dry...

Anonymous said...

Using this information, what would you guess will be B.O.'s decision on the xl pipeline?

And why is he able to make a decision on the pipeline?