Thursday, January 17, 2013

So much for the economy,
let's work on more restrictions

Obama to ‘Put Everything I’ve Got’
Into Gun Control
WASHINGTON — Four days before taking the oath of office, President Obama on Wednesday staked the beginning of his second term on an uphill quest to pass the broadest gun control legislation in a generation. New York Times
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What happened to creating jobs and putting Americans back to work? What happened to balancing the budget, reducing the deficit and national debt? What happened to the war on drugs?  To what ends have most all government efforts accomplished in dealing with these national crises?
Sorry Mr. President, creating more restrictions on Americans is not the answer.  The federal government you head is unable to enforce the laws and directives already in place.  It is unable to efficiently manage any of its resources successfully.   
Almost all your programs, laws, high ideals and promises are not working, why would anyone believe this will make a difference?  Governmental control and restriction will not solve anything.   
If you really want to reduce violence, disorder and chaos, you would get out of the way and let Americans go back to work, which will bolster the economy and create the hope of a better life that we once had. Allow Americans the freedom to achieve their dreams instead of creating more and more restrictions and taxing us out of business.   
Our dependence on government is just creating more bondage on the American people, and it looks like that's the end game.  Treat the symptoms, but allow the illness to thrive; and make a good show for us in the process.
In part, it is your greed and the hunger for power and control that is destroying the American dream of a better life.  After all, isn't that all we have ever really wanted?
I find it sad that people believe the lie that this government is able to provide us a better quality of life.  The results are becoming a painful reality...

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