Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans? Who gives a rat's sss?

At a local ceremony today honoring Veterans, I found myself somewhat upset because there weren’t many folks show up in support of the men who have served their country. I couldn’t believe that even though we are at war, very few are willing to sacrifice their lunch break to pay tribute to those we owe our very existence, freedom and standard of living.

Oh America, how quickly we forget events like 9/11 or the Fort Hood tragedy. Americans have rapidly developed an attitude of it’s “all about me”. If it doesn’t fit into my schedule, benefit my life, put money in my pocket or give me pleasure, then we’re not interested in wasting our time with it.

I really wonder if Veteran’s Day would even be observed locally if it weren’t for inactive veterans and retirees? Many of these men and women risked their lives for our liberty and freedom. Many of them are disabled and many have died for the belief in the inherent rights of all Americans.

Some may develop feelings of guilt after reading this, but not to worry, it will all be forgotten by morning. Tomorrow, we can start a new day to fulfill our purpose: make money, get ahead, plan our weekend and buy more toys. I sometimes wonder why God would bless America?


Gia's Spot said...

Ouch... but oh so true....

Anonymous said...

Thinking about the younger generation, I hope we never have to fight another World War. I miss my friends who served during the war and all the stories I love hearing over and over. Some where only seventeen when they enlisted. They are the great generation of our time. God Bless them for our freedom. Perhaps the younger generation would benefit from serving something greater than their own entertainment. Our troops need a break so why not bring back the draft?