Monday, February 8, 2010

Setting the record straight at the
Wise County Sheriff's Department

Sept. 3, 2009, the Wise County Messenger reported the following story:

Sheriffs employees will not take increase

' Sheriff David Walker said he sent an e-mail to his administration explaining that the actual increase per paycheck would likely be less than $10 after taxes, and he wanted the staff to consider turning down the $379 increase to help lower the tax rate.

He said he was surprised how quickly the staff responded.

"The majority said it was OK. We don't want to set a precedent, but the group recognizes the economy is bad ... It was a way we could give back," he said. "That's kind of the way we wanted to do it. (The administration) ran it through and the majority of the employees said 'we understand."

I left this comment with the Wise County Messenger on the above article:

The staff did not respond to his email. The email said that anyone who had a problem declining the raise were to come speak with him [Sheriff Walker] or Doug Whitehead. Employees were scared they would be dismissed if they disagreed.

They were not given a choice. The majority he mentioned did not respond whatsoever and you can ask just about anyone who works for the sherrif's department and they will confirm it as long as they can remain anonymous... but I'm sure you already knew that and chose not to print it...

Don't take my word for it. Ask someone you know who works for the Sheriff's Dept who you trust not lie to you. I really have a hard time believing the county could lower the tax rate over a $63,000 cut in the department's budget as was stated.

Does the Messenger investigate these statements or do they just go along with anything they're told. I do understand since they get a really nice check from the County every month for advertising and public notices.

but as always, I could be wrong...

Denney Crane


Anonymous said...

D.C. - i bet you don't get any substantive response from Walker, or the Messenger on this post.

Anonymous said...

As mentioned in a recent letter to the editor. The employee county handbook does not define/outline how county employees are treated. So your assessment is 100% correct regarding speaking up for your rights.

Anonymous said...

So glad I left that backwater, good ol boy, stump broke department a few years ago

Anonymous said...

....yeah, but but doesn't it make the dept look good?