Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rape is legal if the perp
is your government

  • Climate change experts can't explain the blizzard in hell Tuesday, but after extensive investigation, it must be that Howard Dean and Glen Beck both agree on something. Congress should scrap the healthcare bill. Even I concur...

  • The largest entitlement bill ever considered by the United States Congress: the new universal healthcare bill.

    • Accomplishes 0 original objectives
    • 24 million uninsured
    • Cost: $2.5 Trillion dollars
    • Tax increase: $500 Billion dollars
    • Impedes best health care machine in the world
    • Creation of pain, suffering & death due to budgeting & implementation
    • Creation of millions of job losses
    • Billions of waste through earmarks
    • VIolates oath to uphold U.S. Constitution

  • Compliments of the U.S. Government, may they burn in hell!

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