Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Elephants in the room
that few people acknowledge…

The current liberal administration has spent the last 7 years fighting terrorism with diplomacy. They rationalize the problem blaming “disenfranchisement” due to unemployment or the economy and refuse to acknowledge or condemn radical Islam.

They have acknowledged, accepted and justified the Black Lives Matters movement and black supremacy groups, while condemning our law enforcement, helping fuel a war against peace officers and the cities, counties and states that employ them.

They have supported and promoted the transgender rights movement, while experts in the field say it is a mental illness diagnosed as gender dysphoria. They are welcoming these mentally ill individuals into the military and government agencies. Will this strengthen our defenses, deter our enemies and make the bureaucracy more efficient?

They are unwilling to filter out terrorists allowed to immigrate into our country; or worse, enlisting them on purpose. Allowing millions of people immigrate to our country who do not value our independence, freedom or constitution of government seems to be the easiest way for them to change it. Democracy in action.

All these actions by our leadership make it difficult to keep ignoring the elephant in the room, one end game theory: perpetuating, positioning and possibly even orchestrating another civil war in America. Although one of several theories, this seems the most logical, since a war between the people would look much better on the world stage than a fight with the government and its military.

Another end game theory: divide, conquer and create a new rule of law. Never underestimate the ignorance of the masses or their willingness to follow a pied piper. It seems we never really appreciate what we have until we lose it.

Hitler successfully used similar tactics promoting racial hate and ethnic pride to sell world domination to the people, using strong-arm methods to keep citizenry in line with his ideology. He turned child against parent, and turned many good men into monsters.

We have allowed some of our highest ranking government officials exemption from our laws, committing felonies and even treasonous acts without consequence or accountability. This is a precursor for them to circumvent our constitution and create a socialist democracy.

The infrastructure for these events is now in place. Now that the FBI, DOJ, CIA and Supreme Court are on board, it’s just a matter time before a nationwide implosion. Do not underestimate our enemies, they control the MSM and most of our leadership. They’re hiding in plain sight.

One must look hard at whether we want our government to continue to lead us down a path that has created the most division in our nation since the civil war. If you are content with what America has become, support and vote for the status quo; but do not be surprised if hatred, civil unrest, injustice and terrorism escalate.

Never forget: Anything the government gives you was taken from someone else and they can take it away at any time.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post today. Keep the faith.

The rookie said...

You my man are a prophet!

The Donald said...

So, it looks like we're gonna get boned...