Monday, January 24, 2011

Wise County Tea Party indignation

I heard some very disconcerting news about the Wise County Tea Party meeting last Saturday in Decatur. The keynote speaker expressed his view that the government should legalize dope.

This does not sound like a meeting held by a group that encourages conservative values. It definitely doesn't promote unity among conservatives. The Tea Party movement advocates conservative values, although many believe it's only about government spending and taxation.

If the Tea Party movement is not a local "grassroots" movement, then it's an "astroturf" movement, just as Nancy Pelosi accused. If the local Tea Party group wants to change the platform, I suggest they start their own movement or subscribe to one that fits their objectives.

The Tea Party movement was organized because both parties turned away from conservative values and continue to repudiate our Constitution. By in large, the Tea Party supports the Republican Party Platform, especially those concerning conservative values, despite the problem with RINOS. If Republican politicians don't advocate their own party's values, the Tea Party does not support them, period!

Voting for "the lesser evil" is no longer acceptable. Tea Party members could care less about political party affiliation and all about the conservative values of each individual politician. Keep in mind, Tea Party members still believe politicians are public servants.

Don't take my word for it. Tea Party politicians are dividing the Republican Party over conservative, constitutional values. House Majority leader John Boehner wants the Republican Party to rule the House of Representatives; Tea Party politicians want conservative ideals enforced, no matter whose thunder they steal. Our government cannot survive political party hatred, nor the separation of Church and state.

Boehner and company say they are "less interested in political grandstanding". That's hard for me to believe after I watched them censure and read the Constitution on the floor of the House and then hopelessly vote to repeal Obamacare. No grandstanding my ass!

Even more disturbing is the new Republican leadership want to work "within the system" with Democrats to "get things done". Tea Partyists don't believe they can effectively work within a system that's broken. It's like eating soup with a fork.

During a speech in Indonesia, President Obama said America's motto was "E pluribus unum", Latin for "Out of many, one". In actuality, our national motto is "In God We Trust", adopted in 1956. I can understand why "the one" would prefer "E pluribus unum" over God; take God out of the U.S. Constitution and it is man who gives us our inalienable rights. If man gives us those rights, then man can take them away. Is it any wonder that the world does not trust the United States government?

I, for one, support the Tea Party movement as long as it advocates conservative values and embraces the U.S. Constitution as written. If it promotes secular, materialistic, illegal, immoral, militaristic or unconstitutional ideals, don't expect the American majority to stand around and watch our country continue to self-destruct.

But I could be wrong...

Denney Crane

Edit: FYI, Personally, I support the decriminalization of marijuana.


Anonymous said...

I planned on attending the meeting until I read who was speaking. No way do I support legalizing pot and will not waste my time listening to anyone who thinks it is o.k. The Tea Party is not about supporting a libertarian view on drugs. It has three main princioles it must promote and support.

wordkyle said...

I've been pretty vocal over on LL about my opposition to legalizing marijuana. Having said that, I know that others disagree -- even folks who agree with me on almost everything else. (Those who disagree with me are wrong, by the way.) In principle I can see the argument for smaller government flowing naturally into "government shouldn't outlaw things such as pot." Having said that, I see no benefit to society from legalizing a recreational drug which 99.9% of users broke the law to try in the first place. The argument was more valid in 1937, but I understand the philosophical consistency of those who make it today. Such a stance does not disqualify a person who agrees with me on most other issues.

Anonymous said...

Love the Tea Party! Hope they stay in it because My President will win reelection in 2012! Go Sarah and Michele! Split that party!

Anonymous said...

I don't use drugs unless the are prescribed by my doctor but making it a crime is silly. Its a personal decision in a "free" country. People should be free to eat butter, sugar, salt, or smoke weed. Its called being free. Don't give drug users welfare or any public assistance but leave them alone to make bad decisions if they wish.

Kathleen... said...

I considered attending that meeting, but my home-schedule ousted it.....glad I missed it. The "argument" for legalizing drugs makes my brain cells explode with frustration.

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party, I thought, was about less government. Central planners deciding what freedoms we have is not less government. Whatever a person does that does not harm another is none of the governments business. That includes who or what one marries or puts into ones body. Pursuing happiness as one sees fit. Besides, I was a law enforcer for 40 years. We are not good at saving people from themselves.