Monday, November 16, 2009

Yes, I have a problem with that!
Muslim terrorists need
one day delivery to Allah

Bringing alleged, non-American terrorists onto United States soil for a civilian trial has to be the most contemptible acts of the 0bama administration to date. Do you not realize just how unsafe this makes American people? Is his priority to create crisis to institute more government control?

Fact # 1 ~ The phrase “American criminal justice system” is a complete oxymoron. This is the same system that let O. J. Simpson off for murder.

Fact # 2 ~ Radical Muslims will now make the Judges, prosecutors and jurists the target of their attacts. Although this might be justice in itself for some Judges and prosecutors, it will ultimately affect their decisions.

Fact # 3 ~ While in prison, the perpetrators will use their influence to convert the Muslim prison population to join their Jihadist efforts. They have plentiful resources of money, political influence and terrorist actions to offer, which could be enticing to a lifer.

Fact # 4 ~ Some of the people who visit them in prison will include their radical associates. Don’t believe for one minute that these heroes of Allah will not become future leaders of American Jihadists. If the Arian brotherhood can do it, these guys will give them lessons in the art of infiltration and chaos!

Fact # 5 ~ They are not American citizens! They are war criminals and should be tried by a military tribunal, just as President 0bama suggested during his campaign. They should not have the same rights as American citizens. He needs to treat them like some of his precious European cultures or Muslim cultures, as war criminals.

These are just a few reasons that come to mind, but there are numerous more that are just as sound. I invite you to add to this list if you feel so inclined.

Awaiting re-eduction camp,

Denney Crane


Michael said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your post. In fact, I've been saying the same thing ever since I heard the announcement. Non-citizens commiting acts of terrorism are not guaranteed trials in US courts under our Constitution.

Gerre Joiner said...

Obama wants to lose the war on terror.