Monday, October 29, 2012

Denney Crane Makes Absurd Prediction

I predict that the forecast of earthquakes in Italy (made by Italian scientists) will rise sharply! ...or the number of Italian scientists will be reduced dramatically...
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In Other News
ROME — Seven prominent Italian earthquake experts were convicted of manslaughter on Monday and sentenced to six years in prison for failing to give adequate warning to the residents of a seismically active area in the months preceding an earthquake that killed more than 300 people.   New York Times


Anonymous said...

More cut and paste:

"Italy has several strikes against it during the coming pole shift, which will be more severe than the dozens of pole shift cycles leading up to the present. It rides atop or next to many fault lines. It is home to large volcanoes known to go off like fire crackers during pole shifts. It is a narrow peninsula poking into a sea which will slosh, repeatedly, during the shift. Thus, unless one were well up into the mountains on the mainland, survival would be tenuous and more the result of luck than planning. Plan on water washing over the entire peninsula. Plan on hot ash landing hundreds of miles from the large volcanoes which Italy is host to, and the possibility of new volcanoes oozing lava from places not yet known to man. Even on the mainland, unless one is more than 100 miles inland and well above 200 feet, one will find tidal bore and clashing waters forcing water up into ravines and even climbing cliffs. Italy is a country destined to suffer during the coming cataclysms, and those who would survive are advised to move, returning only after the shift." Per the Zetas

Anonymous said...

This is what a socialist society looks like.

The next step is punishing Olympics athletes for not winning.