Friday, October 30, 2009

Bubba likes to hunt hogs



The Donald said...

That's a big un. Whaddya say he'll go 250-275#?

Denney Crane said...

Muscle weight... 350

mzchief said...

Give the guy major points for keeping it together and getting a kill shot off will on one knee. The WTF? reaction of the dogs is, priceless.

Nothing like that has ever happened while I have been hunting. I guess that is why I never take along a videographer.

The Donald said...

My son was asking me last night what was the best time of year to hunt hogs.

I told him there's no closed season, but he was apparently questioning when the meat is best - I would think the colder months would be better, though it might be problematic to a degree, hunting them during deer season.

He could easily take a smallish piggy at up to 100-125 yds with one of the poodle shooters (he shot his first deer with the 6mm, hasn't shot the .243, but it's essentially the same gun and seems to be pretty well sighted-in).

Denney Crane said...

Hogs are more active in cold weather since they have to work harder to forage food. Trapping them in the summer is very, very slow.

Dogs pick up scent better in cold weather as well. There are lots of places who would rather have the hogs killed than the deer.

My group hunts them the easy way... spotlighting. Are you ready to bring the boy up to shoot a hog? Have him practice at night with a spotlight. Email me for more info...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think this might be from a European country?

1) Pig has more European blood than any I've killed in Texas.

2) The strange jackets the guys have on.

3) Those are not traditional "hog dogs". In fact.....they seem uninterested in the situation.

4) Not for sure but it looks like the gun was a shotgun.

Am I way off here?