Friday, April 9, 2010

While I'm on the subject of taxes...

I find the irony of living and working in America in the 21st century quite disturbing. American dollars have disappeared and been redistributed to other countries and to the ultra-weathly elite, while small business and the working class suffer terribly.

People are jobless, homeless and becoming dependent on an ever increasing, self-feeding government machine bent on dominating every aspect of American life and liberty. There is nothing they don’t have their hands in; regulating, taxing and controlling not only Americans, but other countries as well.

Our government is borrowing and spending $1.9 trillion more than they take in this year. That’s $6,000 for every man, woman and child living here. I wonder how much it will be next year?

Only 47% of working Americans will pay federal income tax this year. That means 53% of Americans get federal services for no charge, compliments of future taxpaying Americans, since presently we just don’t have it.

Politicians today are the most morally bankrupt in our nation’s history. They lie, cheat, steal, bribe, extort and deceive without the slightest amount of guilt and remorse. All of them, Democrats and Republicans, take the high road that is leading us to poverty.

Democrats seem to pilfer the country faster and differently than Republicans, but don’t kid yourself, for the last 20 years, both parties’ actions are responsible for the position we’re in today.

Enjoy your weekend on the lake or golf course; maybe the park or a movie; dinner out or a quiet evening at home. No prosperity has ever been permanent, so enjoy it while you can.

Job 1:21

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Anonymous said...

I will not be visiting the lake or golf course this weekend because I live well under the poverty level and am on a strict budget. My entertainment is limited to walks and once in a while, a video in the evening. I have a job that pays one fifth what I made three and a half years ago. My wife divorced me and my family has abandoned me. I am approaching sixty. Additionally, I paid taxes this year and did not receive government assistance beyond my visits to the VA medical which I firmly believed I earned -- the hard way. I do not believe the government is going to pull me out so I am pursuing other financial adventures. As this blog has mentioned before, perhaps we are getting what we deserve for being lazy, greedy, corrupt, and turning away from the Spirit.

Hey, have a nice day. I'm planning on it.