Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Remember those death panels
that don't exist?

Here they are folks, one of the death panels you’ve been warned about: U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

According to the NY Times , the USPSTF says

'Most women should start regular breast cancer screening at age 50, not 40, according to new guidelines released Monday by an influential group that provides guidance to doctors, insurance companies and policy makers.

…women age 50 to 74 should have mammograms less frequently — every two years, rather than every year. And it said doctors should stop teaching women to examine their breasts on a regular basis.

Just seven years ago, the same group... ...with different members, recommended that women have mammograms every one to two years starting at age 40. It found too little evidence to take a stand on breast self-examinations.'

I wonder who appointed the new members of the current panel, don't you?

Remember the saying, "Better safe than sorry"? In government run healthcare, that only applies when you pay cash!

I thought the new healthcare slogan would be "Live with the pain", but after reading this article, I think Karl Marx describes it best: "Capital is reckless of the health or length of life of the laborer, unless under compulsion from society."

Maybe Karl was right, maybe "Democracy is the road to socialism.". It seems most ignorant ass Americans can't see what's going on right in front of their face. Those that do either don't care or just bitch about it.

As the eternal optimist, I try to find an upside to bad situations; this is no exception.

At least it will be less expensive (fewer divorces) for the next generation of men to aquire trophy wives. Denney Crane



Doc Feelgood said...

If this recommendation is followed, we will initially see a decrease in diagnoses of stage I & II breast cancer, then an increase in diagnoses of stage III & IV. That is my prediction. Survival rates after treatment of cancer are higher w/ earlier detection. That is a documented fact, to which there is no objection from anyone in the medical community.

Gator said...

This has me spitting fire. I'm so mad I blogged about it. NObama blows!

WTF? said...

Great example Denney!