Sunday, January 13, 2013

If someone found Noah's Ark,
would you believe them?

The information on this webpage concerning the location of Noah's Ark sure does create many unanswered questions. 
I wonder why I have never seen this, it's been around over 50 years.  With such broad and profound implications, you would think the media would touch on it every year or two, if only for the sake of ratings... 
Even if it were a hoax, its sheer magnitude would prompt attention.  
Could Would the world embrace the Holy Bible if technology were to actually prove its stories? 
Is it easier to believe human theory and speculation than recorded documentation?  Would we rather believe in vampires and super heros?  

Is seeing really believing? I think not...

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Anonymous said...

I've read of the ark in this location for a number of years. It is a cause for celebration.

Yes, Hollywood would rather celebrate demons and corruption. Our worldly masters would like nothing better than to create a satanic narrative in replacement of the Word.