Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why God won't bless America

Since the beginning of time, men have imposed their will on others for the sake of their own aspirations and ambitions, usually justified by religion, ideals, greed, power, ego or just pure hatred. We have enslaved each other; killed and tortured one another; raped, pillaged and starved people into submission for a cause seemingly greater than ourselves.

Success of tyranny has always been powerful, charismatic leadership and its ability to motivate the masses, along with the ability to force others into obedience. Historically, even the most successful governments have been unable to escape corruption, failure and collapse.

Our Congress is mostly corrupt and breaks the law more than average Americans, but no one will prosecute them. Even when prosecuted, most of the time they get off on a technicality, make a deal or get pardoned.

Although all men are created equal, they are not treated equally under our current system of government. Justice is no longer blind, has developed great vision and now turns its head away for those in power.

Today, our government will now make us buy health insurance or pay a fine; otherwise, you are a criminal and can face jail time for nonpayment. There are three groups who these laws don’t apply: members of Congress; illegal aliens and legal aliens. Does this sound fair to you?

When is the last time you heard the term “taxation without representation”? Isn’t that why we went to war with England and created the Declaration of Independence?

Americans have shed rivers of blood to purchase the freedom we enjoy today. Our government has apologized to the world for the sacrifice our grandfathers made to secure our freedom, and we could care less.

Since we have not personally experienced the pain of tyranny and injustice, we know nothing of what people in other countries experience every day of their lives. We only care about our own pleasure and standard of living. If you really want to appreciate America, go live in Beirut for just one month, in fear for your life.

As Americans, we do not deserve any rights we are not willing to fight for. We dishonor the memory of those who fought and died for our freedoms by our ignorance, selfishness and complacency.

I am guilty if I believe I can’t make a difference; don’t vote; vote for my own selfish agenda; vote for the lesser of two evils; vote for someone I don’t know about; support officials who are corrupt; condone liars in politics; support a candidate or political party for any reason other than their principles; believe government owes me anything; blame the government for my problems; teach my children not to care; maintain ignorance of government activities and leadership; don’t do anything but complain about it.

We feel all warm, fuzzy and patriotic when we say “God Bless America”, but given the attitude of most Americans, how can He?

Why would He even want to?


TommyBoy said...

There's enough blame to go around and I suppose that's the way God sees it too. My country is disintegrating before my eyes and it looks like we'll all be calling each other comrade soon. What did we expect after so much foolishness for so many years in both our leaders and the general population? If I had the means, I'd move to Fiji. Are there jobs there?

Anonymous said...

I Love God.

Anonymous said...

Jesus is all right by me. Good for God!

Anonymous said...

So when did God tell you this?