Friday, April 24, 2015

Hate: a disease of the heart
that poisons the minds of millions

Ever wonder why liberals hate this man?

Somewhere in time, much of our government abandoned its primary duty, to protect and serve, and became a self-serving, self-regulating, self-enforcing entity that is seemly not subject to rule of law. They now justify abusive, cruel, corrupt and vindictive actions as part of their right as enforcement officers and officials, whether they work for the DOJ, DHS, IRS, ATF, city, county or state.

This unchecked, unrestrained supremacy attitude starts at the top and filters down, just like entitled, spoiled children learned their attitude from parents or others who influenced them. This attitude has created a new breed of haters, activists and criminals that truly believe they are doing the right thing and can justify illegal and violent behavior, on either side of the law.

Paradoxically, haters just create more haters, normally out of the people they direct their hatred. When enough cop haters condemn them, law enforcement develops the same attitude of hate right back, although silently since expressing it would risk their job.  When that happens, we can pretty much forget about our legal rights since they won't matter.

In today's culture, it seems anyone who questions or disagrees with government authority is automatically deemed a hater, troublemaker or extremist.  Evangelical Christians were at the top of the government's extremist list in 2013, just above the Muslim Brotherhood.  Since leadership has identified the targets, do they feel justified to just point and shoot?

I was on a social media site and read a comment by my friend, a law enforcement officer, where he inferred that cop haters were “worthless”.  I don’t know about you, but I would not be motivated to serve and protect someone I considered worthless, nor would I have a problem shooting someone I considered worthless.

We should be very concerned when people in authority, who have been sanctioned to enforce the law, use their badge, position or weapon to force their will on someone, whether lawful or not.  Right and wrong seems secondary to 'what can I get away with'.

This same attitude of hate and entitlement occurred once upon a time in Germany, under a wonderful dictator Time Magazine named “Man of the Year” in 1938. America's media endorsed the most horrible dictator in modern history. He influenced Germans to carry out dreadful acts against other humans, using hate speech and advocating their entitled “master race”.
Master – a person with the ability or power to use, control or dispose of something or someone.
Are we too blind to realize that history is repeating itself?

We must recognize that hate is a disease of the heart that poisons the mind and body, many times to the point where people act out and do terrible things.  Hate is an equal opportunity infector, it doesn’t discriminate race, creed, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital or socioeconomic status. Hate makes man his own worst enemy.

Fueled by fear, hate is authenticated by anger, bitterness, resentment, intolerance, condemnation, suspicion, rejection and dishonesty.  We see it every day and occasionally experience the emotion, sometimes in the form of road rage.  How we react to the emotion is what separates the men from the boys!

If we are to survive this pandemic, someone, somewhere has to end the cycle of hate. If we choose to hate those who hate us, we are no better than these very people. That doesn’t mean they should not to be held accountable for violent, unlawful actions. Everyone should be allowed to experience the consequences of their behavior, no matter what their position in society.

Lady justice is supposed to be blind, not enforced as I see fit.  She does not administer punishment on initial contact, in the field, without due process.  She should not have her hand out asking for contributions which always tip her scales. She always protects the poor from those who would oppress them.  Justice is not shoot first and ask questions later.

Make the right choice: do not become a hater because you are hated!  Both justice and Jesus have a servant's heart, not that of a hater. Do not lower yourself to anyone's standard!  You set the standard!  You become the one who ends the cycle of hate within your circle of influence.  This is the only solution, and it's very powerful in practice!

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