Tuesday, December 15, 2009

God Bless China

China says they will comply, but America and it's Eurotrash partners can shove that treaty up its ass. They said the would begin implementing changes, but unlike the U.S., they refuse to allow international monitors to verify its emissions level.

Why would one of the largest pollution producing countries in the world want to pay small third world countries for their pollution? Especially when:

    1. It doesn't solve anything.
    2. Their own people suffer in poverty.
    3. It makes no sense to give away money which could be used to implement pollution control?
    4. Those involved don't give a shit about their carbon footprint. All they want is money.
    5. The United States has no right to criticize China since we don't keep our own house clean.

India feels much the same way. Why would any country want Eurotrash, bureaucrats, politicians and freedom haters dictate rules, regulations, laws and enforcement procedures?

America is bullying the world right now, not by might, but by its debt. Today, the only thing the world fears from America is if we default on our loans... one of the saddest times in American history.

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