Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Damned it you do, damned if you don’t.

Liberal politicians and MSM condemned Trump for not immediately condemning white supremacist groups for the violence in Charolettesville, NC. Then, those same liberal groups criticised Cruz and Rubio after they immediately condemned the white supremacists, saying their remarks were just for political posturing, proving that timing has nothing to do with liberal's criticism and condemnation of conservatives.

From what I witnessed in Charolettesville, the police did not do their job and separate the crowd once violence broke out. This leads me to believe that they wanted to let them fight, giving liberals another reason to blame the POTUS for civil unrest, continuing the divide and conquer agenda.

Instead of blaming the fringe white supremacists for their behavior, the responsibility has been aimed at the POTUS. Sadly, this has purposely deflated the great news that North Korean backed down from shooting missiles at Guam. Misdirection at its finest.

What the left fails to realize, is that the more they demonize the POTUS, the more his base will support and defend him. It’s not wise to declare war on conservatives since they are well able and ready to defend their beliefs, values and the Constitution. Hide and watch.

If someone participates in a protest that turns violent, expecting to stay safe by continuing to participate in it, is not rational. One should be prepared to get hurt or killed. The law of karma is in effect; you will reap what we sew.

If college campuses and cities can cancel White Lives Matter rallies, I sure hope they don’t allow Black Lives Matter rallies. The fallout would be astounding, among other things.

As NFL ratings fall, in a small part due to players protesting for not standing for the National Anthem, I predict these players contracts will not be renewed. As entertainers, an act of disrespect to the USA is not an appropriate means to protest. When they start costing their employers and the league money, they will take action, probably passive action.


Anonymous said...

It is all "arranged" violence and part of the manipulated, "arranged" news cycle. As usual, the truth is being hidden by incompetent and colluding news sources. Do not fool yourself, we do not live in a free country anymore. The globalist mind set realizes it must lie, cheat, and steal to get its way and that is no problem for those folks because they have no morality. None. Zilch.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats have made me believe in collective insanity.

Anonymous said...

Those going after Trump are criminals and should be treated as such.

The Donald said...

The events of the last week have really put in sharp focus the extent to which the left and the media will ignore facts that collide with their narrative.

How a Virginia protest by a fringe group became an indictment of the current administration is near mind-boggling. And the outright malignment of Gen. Robert E. Lee proves that the progressive agenda has no desire to understand history or illumine the minds of the younger generation.

Anonymous said...

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