Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dems infiltrating the GOP?

How much proof do you need?

Republican Assemblywoman & New York
Congresswoman elect, Dede Scozzafava

After gracefully bowing out of the NY-23 congressional race, Assembywoman Scozzafava shared with her constituents that she did it for the welfare of the party, right before she endorsed the Democratic candidate. Now why would she do that?

Is it not obvious? If I were the Democratic Party and I wanted to promote a liberal, progressive agenda, I would disguise liberal politicians and run them as a Republican so as to assure my agenda prevailed no matter who won the election. It's a no lose scenario that's very easily implemented and makes perfect sense.

Is the GOP willing to win an election at any cost? Will the GOP continue to sacrifice their principles, values and platform in order to maintain control of Congress?

On Oct. 26th, I wrote the following:

A so-called conservative party has no place for liberal congressional leaders or Republican Party support. If I were a liberal, I would want to infiltrate the GOP with liberals; in this case RINOs. Either the GOP needs to support its platform before its politician, or shove the platform up your ass!

True conservatives will not compromise certain conservative values. For all I care, you can call yourself the Christian party, but if your actions don't reflect your platform/objective, don't expect Christians to support you. Same with conservatives!

I would rather face the dissolution and demise of the U.S. Constitution today, than make my children and grandchildren have to fight the socialist/Marxist bastards 10 or 20 years from now. They need to see their parents stand up for their rights as guaranteed by our Constitution instead of worshipping another Messiah!'

Liberal = Progressive
Conservative = Independent
Liberal Republican = RINO
Liberal Democrat = Democrat
Conservative Republican = Republican
Conservative Democrat = Extinct

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mzchief said...

You are WRONG! An Independent is NOT a Conservative. An Independent is someone who, typically, wants people to have the right to make their own choices, the government to stay out of people's lives and run the country.

Sarah Palin is not an Independent she is a Conservative Republican. Palin believes the government has the right to impose conservative social beliefs on all people. Republicans are, conveniently ignoring the FACT that the majority of voters, in New York's 23rd District, chose to vote for a Democrat rather than a Conservative. NY's 23rd District has not had a Democrat representative since 1850. If the Republicans would figure out politics is NOT about religion, Republicans would win, hands down, a majority of the time.

There needs to be a Moderate Party. Let the Raging Right WingNUTZ Religicans have the Republican Part. Let the Loony Leftist Liberals have the Democrat Party and allow the remaining 60% to make up the Moderate Party. The majority of the Moderate Party would be made up of social liberals who are fiscal conservatives. The Moderate Party would make certain the extremist from both parties would be, thankfully so, rendered IMPOTENT. Zealots, regardless of their party/religious affiliations are dangerous to ANY and EVERY society they infest.