Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who the hell is he to
allow us to do anything?

'And here's 0bama talking about he's going to allow people to keep their doctor. Who the hell is he to allow us to do anything? We've got to stop thinking about this the way we do. Who is he to say he is going to allow us to keep our doctor? Sorry, folks. That's not his job. The President of the United States does not personally permit or allow anyone to do anything except people who work for him. The bottom line is he works for us. We are the ones that have the power to say, no, we're not going to allow you to destroy our public sector; we're not going to permit you to destroy the greatest economy in the history of the world. We're not going to permit you to do it.

Now, if you paid attention to the news today, after cap and trade, gotta get that done tomorrow, gotta get it done tomorrow, gotta get it done, cap and trade. You know why they want to get it done? To get it out of the way before anybody finds what it is so they can move on to healthcare. Get that done, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, before anybody can find out what's in it. Yeah. You let a number of Americans find out that unions are exempt from any tax increase on their healthcare benefits, and there's a number of other things in this bill that if people found out about they would oppose it even more than they already do. 0bama doesn't want you to know what's in this bill.

In fact, Senator Kennedy's version of the healthcare bill mandates that members of Congress are exempt from whatever healthcare bill 0bama and Kennedy come up with. It's right in his bill. John Fund found it. That's why it has to be done tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, before anybody finds out what's in it. '
Rush Limbaugh


mzchief said...

As much as I dislike Limbaugh for his bombastic hateful approach to dealing with most people who disagree with him, I have to hand it to Limbaugh for getting it right, this time.

However, Limbaugh is wrong in targeting Obama and Kennedy as the bull's eye for blame. It is the fault of people who continually elect politicians with agendas that erode the rights and choices afforded to the citizens of the U.S.

Anonymous said...

We saw through out the election process that uneducated people do not understand the role of the president. Most people can't tell you what the prez can and can't do....I'm probably one of those people to some extent. However, I know enough that we "the people" should be the ones who make the decisions.
Why do we continuously elect the lesser on the moral totem pole?


Denney Crane said...

I am no Rush fan, although I agree with some of his ideals. He's the opposite of Howard Stern... which I have to take in very limited moderation.

Anonymous said...

Are we going to be able to stop him? Everyone seems paralyzed. Just like the Michael Jackson idiots. Too many idols with clay feet, this country is full of idiots who feel and can't think.

RPM said...

I hear the cries of government controlling your medical care. Do people not realise they do not have control over their medical care now? A corporation who's bottom line is making a profit for their shareholders controls your medical care.

They say the government can't control something as complex and personal as healthcare. They seem to do a pretty good job for the military. The VA has even improved their health coverage dramatically.

Now if every man, woman and child in the US had Blue Cross/Blue Shield, I might be reluctant to endorse changing the system. But the fact is they don't.

Anonymous said...

Does Limbaugh have a better alternative?, as usual. Does it seem better to keep the Mafia HMO's and Big Buck Insurance companies in control of our health care?

Wake up America. Obama speaks for all of the people...not just the people who can afford to pay for a HMO plan that covers very little. When will people demand that the Insurance companies, HMO's and Doctors work FOR US and demand more from them?

Lay off Obama and heckle those crooks.

I so hate Limbaugh. I so cannot believe that anyone but a backwoods idiot would listen to anything he says. His mouth is so full of shit. Maybe he's still popping those (ahem...pain pills).