Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why the world hates Christians
Do you expect otherwise?

I believe the simplest answer is summed up in one word: Accountability. 

Human beings have hated and feared accountability since the beginning. We have always justified our actions, good and evil, or shifted the blame, so we could maintain the belief we were either right or not guilty. Even when we were wrong and admitted it, our first tendency was to dismiss it and explain our reasoning, instead of taking responsibility and making amends. 

The world hated Christ because, in his words, “
…I accuse it of doing evil.John 7:7 

Jesus accused the powerful Church leadership and the overtly religious of evil behavior and attitudes, calling for accountability, which created anger and hatred. 

Christ also explained why his followers are hated, “
…remember that [the world] hated me first. …I chose you to come out of the world, so it hates you.John 15:18-19 

Followers of Christ chose to follow and be accountable to him and his laws, (some thousands of years old) and not to participate in beliefs and behaviors that are contrary to those laws and the teachings of Christ; to keep separate from those who practice otherwise. Christians have been hated, ridiculed, persecuted and killed for adhering to their belief system. The same is true when they failed to adhere to their beliefs.  

And then there’s the church. A place of safety for followers to worship, encourage, support and acknowledge Christ and his teaching. It’s also a place to demonstrate and practice accountability. Because the truth, hidden in plain sight is: “Accountability cannot exist without proper accounting practices; in other words, an absence of accounting means an absence of accountability.Wikipedia 

War, murder, torture, abuse and persecution have also been demonstrated by those professing to be Christians, another reason hatred could be justified.  And even though many of these actions are completely contrary to the teachings of Christ, some were ordered, approved or hidden by Church leadership, whose actions continue to warrant fear, anger and hatred.

Isn’t it amazing how the world picks and chooses who it hates? Governments,  corporations, police, the rich, the poor, religious groups, society, liberals, conservatives, ect… Even more amazing is who it chooses to hold accountable. 

When people or entities called to be accountable respond with indignation, anger or hatred, they don't realize the opportunity for examination and proven responsibility. An accounting may be within our rights and a reasonable request. However, it has created hostility, aggression and violence throughout the history of humanity.  

I believe each and every person on earth, at some point in their life, has experienced fear, anger, resentment or some other negative emotion when called into accountability for their actions.  From a speeding ticket to a questionable tax return to pretending to be sick and playing hooky, it just seems to be a reality of human nature. 

Another reason the world may hate Christians is because they think they will be allowed to bypass judgment (be unaccountable) for their actions when entering eternity. This concept could easily create more resentment and hatred. However, there are several places in the Bible where it states that everyone, Christians included, will give an account for their actions, the book of Romans is one.  

People actually need little reason to hate anyone, unless coping with guilt.  F
or those who feel their lifestyle, beliefs or behavior threatened or condemned, Christ and his followers pose a threat to their culture; this culture.  Why else would our very own President state the U.S.A. is no longer a Christian nation or call the Sermon on the Mount radical?

As Christians, we are commanded to act out of love if we are to be victorious.  It helps to remember the identity of the real enemy, and that nothing happens on God's green earth without his knowledge.

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Great post, Mr. Denney!

1 Corinthians 3:18
Do not deceive yourselves. If any of you think you are wise by the standards of this age, you should become "fools" so that you may become wise.