Sunday, September 27, 2009

Intelligence is small potatoes

My vast array of knowledge is irrelevant. My seemingly high IQ and GPA is immaterial. The enormous amount of information confined in my mind is meaningless to my existence on earth. Although useful, it only serves for my survival, standard of living and the use of reason.

I believe the secret to a happy and fruitful life is my faith and belief in God; creating a passion to make a difference in the lives of others. I believe God put me here for a purpose, and it wasn't to have an extravagant home, millions in the bank, the best cars or other posh possessions. I was put here to share His love.

Christians in America have failed. We had the opportunity to feed the world, but it starves; stop slavery, but it continues; end genocide, but it remains; share our wealth, but we hoard it. We have educated our children, but not shown them how to live what we believe. We have built up riches and called it security; we will watch as it disappears, just as it has throughout history.

Before I leave this earth, I want to make a difference; to share God's love. I saw a movie several years ago called "Pay It Forward" which opened my eyes to a different perspective on humanity. Love overcomes all obstacles and we have many resources to share it with the world...if we choose.


Anonymous said...

I've given this some thought lately. As enter my 30s I am not yet a millionaire, while my house is very nice it's not the mansion on the hill. And I have to stop and think.....what am I striving for? Is it money?'s to spread the word, the good news, the gospel. That's how I become rich. Showing people the the way Jesus wants us to live. It's not like God decided I do this in China....but right here in the best place on earth to do such things. I need to do a better job.


Kip said...

I wish more Christians thought like that, maybe I wouldn't make fun of them so much for being a bunch of hypocrites, if you take what they say they believe in. Excellent post Denny!