Friday, October 14, 2016

Not much to say these days,
that's a switch!

 ~ The Donald was on his game Sunday in the debate. He set her up to bring up issues he wanted addressed and reminded her of her and her husband’s actions. The most brilliant ploy was deflecting the audio recording of his womanizing by bringing in the women from the Clinton past. The media kept playing the recording ALL WEEK.

  ~ I formed a smile this morning after reading the headline, “Squirrel scam targets elderly churchgoers in Farmers Branch”. How original! It looks like a new and possibly profitable service industry could form if there is a large enough market.

BTW, I am actually having squirrel dumplings this weekend. Yes, I have redneck tendencies…

  ~ I received a comment recently on 10 predictions I made on November 5, 2008 about an Obama presidency. It stated that they were overly dramatic. Feel free to look and tell me how many of the 10 have not come to pass.

It will entirely depend on where you get your facts ( and whose numbers you choose to use as to the validity of my predictions. Remember that the true measurement of joblessness and energy crisis vary by reference.

 ~ It’s great to see The Blogging Deity of Wise County back on his best game. He claims to be the hardest working man in show business…and as of late, that may be true.


The Donald said...

Much as I am not the fan of DJT, he is the candidate running opposite HRC. The media attack him for stupid things he has said, but remain largely silent on the awful things she has done.

Voting for Trump may be a bit of a 'pig in a poke', but a vote for Hillary is like the frog voting for the scorpion, the farmer voting for the viper.

Anonymous said...

All Green does is call his distractors conspiracy theorists and/or rednecks while ignoring anything and everything that does not fit into his controlled, gated community view of things. He's not an idiot, though; you see, he's a tiny man suffering from tiny man complex. He wants to change the world to make it fit his POV. I mean, what's fair when you can't reach the top shelf?

Green is an elitist and like most elitists, he remains painfully ignorant of the facts.

It's hard to believe the little sh*t was born in Texas.

TommyBoy said...

If they can rig a presidential election, they can rig anything. Fortunately, poll numbers generally reflect millions of people on either side. Surely, the prospect of a civil war will cause cooler heads to prevail.