Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jimmy Crack Corn

 ~ Five new states may join Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska by legalizing recreational use of marijuana in the November elections. California, Maine, Florida, Arizona and Massachusetts may become popular stoner destinations in the future. Pizza sales could double as well.

  ~ Mrs. Crane prepared squirrel dumplings for me last weekend and I must admit, they were delicious. Albeit, I find most pets to be delicious. She’s so good to me I just ordered her an iPhone 7. I’m also checking out my fire extinguishers around the house.

  ~ Tommyboy made an interesting comment Tuesday that if Americans every found out the election process was rigged, it could quite possibly cause civil war. After thinking that over, I believe that if the elections were rigged, hackers would publish the details eventually, unless they preferred to extort cash.

The problem with having that information and the perpetrators knowing about it is that you would be on the top of a hit list that would use every resource in their arsenal to find and eliminate their target.

 ~ A very successful Oklahoma farmer asked me if I knew the difference between a good farmer and a poor farmer, which I said I did not. His response: "About a week."

  ~ If anyone knows the best place to find good health coverage with a decent deductible that actually pays off, please let me know. 2017 looks to be a beating! $10-15k out of pocket seems to be the average affordable policy…


The Donald said...

Why, there must be two dozen plus cats in that driveway. At minimum cost of $25-50 for a half-dozen or dozen hunting grade arrows, plus the time and patience to retrieve them after shooting, it would be comparatively much cheaper, faster, and easier to buy a 50 pack of CCI Stinger .22 LR ammo at Walmart for $6.97 to eradicate the feline nuisances.

Alternatively, because of the probable sonic crack of the 1640 f/s Stingers in that narrow hard-surfaced space, it's possible that some subsonic Aguila .22 shorts might do just as well.

- DF Kristen Lindsey

TommyBoy said...

Ah! If that's what I said, then I should have said if it is ever revealed national elections are fixed, then the public has a responsibility to revolt.

However, seeing that most modern American men have lost their cajones, any revolt is unlikely.

PS Donald, don't like cats? Or just like to kill?

Anonymous said...

Killing cats is fun. Sometimes me and my friends will tie 2 of them together with wire wrapped around their tails and then hang em from something and watch em fight. One night driving around Bridgeport we 22L'd over a dozen. I like to shoot dogs too mostly from the truck but if they wander into the yard there fair game. Hell, if they come into view their fair game. haha

The Donald said...

T.C.: While it's true I'm not a cat person, I have never harmed any felines. The comment was simply satire from the [pretend] point of view of the veterinarian who recently dispatched a cat that had wandered into her yard.

Unless someone has some really terrific cat recipes, I have no intention of causing the demise of any felines in the future, either.

TommyBoy said...

Donald, Well, that's good to hear. I try my best to avoid killing anything I don't eat. I generally draw the line at insects and self defense. Like the previous poster, there are folks out there that view killing as sport. I did too as a foolish young dude but I have changed my POV on that one.