Monday, October 10, 2016

Are your enterained?

~ I have been watching Saturday Night Live for over 35 years and have been highly entertained. The October 1st episode was one of the funniest overall performances I have ever witnessed. I think I've watched it 3 times now. 

  ~ America’s (if not the world’s) most dangerous enemy is Iran, yet our government vilifies Russia and China, who don’t want to kill us but compete with us (especially selling weapons). This administration has supported, enabled and justified Iran’s nuclear ambitions and their active movement toward global jihad. Somebody prove to me I’m wrong and give references.

  ~ The woman LEO that shot the unarmed black man is using the defense that she suffered from “audio exclusion” (temporary deafness due to a high stress situation”). I don’t find that a reasonable justification for killing the man since she still had use of her other senses, including her vision.

  ~ Hackers are targeting our voter registration systems according to the Dept of Homeland Security. If elections aren’t rigged, they will eventually get hacked. There are trillions at stake from the POTUS election.

  ~ Trump’s Twitter account get’s million’s of dollars worth of media coverage. Sadly, both campaigns focus on the problems instead of the solutions.

  ~ As far as cutting taxes to stimulate the economy, Reagan did it in California as governor and in the USA as POTUS and both economies went on a boom of historic proportion. I watched it happen, so don’t let a politician change our history based on their misinformative statements.

  ~ The NY Times broke the law when they published Trump’s tax returns. If I were Trump and didn’t win the election, between the lawsuit and criminal charges I would file, I would own that publication. Free speech is no excuse of publishing portected, private informatio.

It seems they give Trump a hard time, but if you’re Bill or Hillary Clinton, you get a pass…

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The Donald said...

IMO, Hammond did better Trump impersonations. I read somewhere that possibly the reason Baldwin got the part for this season was so that Hammond would be free to do WJC spots.