Friday, June 16, 2017

Hate, it serves a select audience

 ~ There is only 1 thing worse than Obamacare, and that’s an unknown healthcare plan. People are used to the government screwing them, so the fear is quite understandable.

 ~ I almost fell out of my chair when I read the headline “”Putin Offers Asylum to James Comey”. This dog and pony show is getting out of hand…

 ~ When the bad guys are able to ‘dehumanize’ their enemy, it makes it much easier for their followers to justify killing them. Terminating someone’s life for one’s own beliefs is a terrorist action. Anyone who is party to instigating, enabling and/or participating in any part of this process is just as guilty as the killer.

Draining the political swamp in Washington should not include violence. But truthfully, who hasn’t considered the possibility?

 ~ Well, the Trumpster has nixed my future trip to Cuba…back on the bucket list. At least they are one less government we will be funding. We shouldn’t be enabling or supporting communist countries to begin with, unless we want Americans to learn to love their ideals.

 ~ What responsible parent would support, aid or enable their child to visit North Korea or any other communist country? That’s like taking a Sunday school class of 16 year olds on a tour of Planned Parenthood. Little good can come from the experience.

 ~ Classified information is being leaked from our intelligence agencies by kids with top secret clearance. Why, you ask, are kids being given clearance? Because they are multilingual. Supposedly there are thousands of high school students translating classified information. If they want to sing, let them do it behind bars…

There are only a few reasons I can think of as to why Itelligence Agency leakers aren’t thrown in jail: 1. They have more damaging info to hold the dogs at bay; 2. Agency officials aren’t smart enough to catch them or figure out who they are.

Personally, I believe anyone convicted of leaking classified information which endangers Americans or undermines our security should face a firing squad. That shit would stop ‘tout de suite.’

 ~ I could not be more disappointed in the fact that my all time love interest Megyn Kelly moved to NBC. A conservative Christian journalist working and promoting a brand who seemingly supports a socialist, Marxist regime in America saddens me. I, for one, have tuned her out…

 ~ Local lawyers are standing in line and foaming at the mouth for John Fostel’s judgeship. A steady government check coupled with less public accountability creates a virtual stampede to the feeding teat. I know who I would vote for, and he's over 65…

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TommyBoy said...

Being a Hemingway fan, I always wanted to visit Havana, go fishing, smoke a cigar, & have a cuba libre on a balcony overlooking the sea. However, I never once thought about going to North Korea for any reason whatsoever even though I've heard there's a rad party scene in the capitol. They say that poor kid sentenced to ten years is coming back a vegetable.

The bureaucratic portion of government is controlled by Democrats. Government jobs are filled with Democrats by design. Hey, it's another reason government is so inefficient -- you've got people working who could not succeed anywhere else. And now we know it's rife with partisan party politics.

Never thought much of Megyn Kelly. Fox News is controlled by one of six, right? And NBC? So anything she says is coming from the mouth of the beast. Conservative Christian? Kelly? I don't know about that.

I appreciate your confidence in me as the new judge but I am quite busy selling books and need to keep my options open in case something loosens up in Washington. Or Abilene. Or Bowie. [jk]

Speaking of Fostel, I'll bet everybody has a favorite Fostel story and more than a few were related this past week. I've got one but I'm not going to tell other than to say in earlier years the Judge could party. He had stamina.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed the saw-offed barrister has lowered the tone over at LL? It's been a few days since he hinted anything about killing Trump. Somebody must have scared the little guy.

Anonymous said...

So, for the leaking of classified information, I assume that you support it being applied to the current president, since he leaked it during the Russian visit to the White House, right? And, yes, a president can declassify information, but it has to go through a process before that happens, he doesn't get to clap his hands and declare something declassified.

Denney Crane said...

Being the head of the executive branch of government, the POTUS has the ultimate authority to determine what is and is not classified. Right or wrong, good or bad. Pardoning criminals also displays his over ride authority.

Much like when Barack Obama released the information that Bin Laden was killed and we got his computer. When Bin Laden's network found out we had his digital info, they all went scrambling to change theirs so as not to be caught. Delaying the sharing of that info, which was classified, would have helped catch many other terrorists.

That's my opinion, which is not that important.