Wednesday, June 7, 2017

An unpopular opinion


Anonymous said...

Come on Denney, we need big government to protect us from ourselves. Besides, big government fuels the economy. We must think about our relationships with other countries. The world has become too small and we must cooperate in order to save the planet.

What's wrong with that? What's wrong with getting rid of racism? What's wrong with equality? Everybody should have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. It's a human right and the UN thinks so too.

Want to argue with the UN?

If we don't get a handle on climate change, we won't have to worry about terrorism. I don't want to die and I want my sisters and my brothers of color to be treated fairly even if their IQ scores aren't up to the national average.

The Donald said...

I'm hoping the prior comment is tongue-in-cheek.

The post is quite correct - the PCA is a farce. I've no doubt there are well-meaning (but weak-minded) people who believe that supporting the PCA is a noble endeavor. But wishful thinking does not alter the fundamental nature of the scam, which is to redistribute wealth from [primarily] the U.S. taxpayers to third-world countries, funneled, of course, through layers of U.N. bureaucrats.

I'm not a great fan of the President, but thank God he had the 'nads to ax this turkey. The question is: When did prior Presidents stop looking out for U.S. interests, and start walking blindly into the webs cast by those who would enslave us?

Anonymous said...

Barry Green's blog is full of hate speech. So how come he gets to rant and rave and post fake news and approve of the murder of conservatives without bringing down the wrath of the authorities? Isn't it time somebody did something about Barry Green's lying mouth?

The Donald said...

The lawyer blogger's site certainly has its share of nitwittery, much of it in the form of the host's own opinions. While I would characterize his beliefs as often at odds with mine - and note that he seems to have some glaring blind spots - I disagree with the premise that he approves of murdering conservatives.

In my experience, his publication of comments - both agreeing and disagreeing with his opinions - indicates at least an open-ness to be criticized. Of the comments I've submitted on that site over the years - whether attributed or anonymous - I can't recall any that I believe were censored (a couple of uncontroversial comments failed to appear, possibly due to [my] user error). Doesn't make him a hero, but he's upfront about his bias(es), and willing to give a forum for opposing viewpoints.

Anonymous said...

Barry thinks it's funny to keep things stirred up. It's because he's convinced he knows the answers to everything. He's been that way since he was a kid. Argumentative to a fault. He takes after his mother. That family is rich and privileged but Barry is an egomaniac unto himself, so try to not take anything seriously on that blog of his.

Anonymous said...


I disagree with you about BG and his push to defy and murder conservatives. Here's the deal: if you agree and support the "liberal" protests we've seen, then you are silently assenting to whatever the protesters do. BG and company are supporting everything the democrats are doing. Maybe BG is a friend of yours but that does not excuse his cooperation with violent members of his political party. BG and his ilk deserve everything coming to them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donald,

You said, "In my experience, his publication of comments - both agreeing and disagreeing with his opinions - indicates at least an open-ness to be criticized. Of the comments I've submitted on that site over the years - whether attributed or anonymous - I can't recall any that I believe were censored (a couple of uncontroversial comments failed to appear, possibly due to [my] user error). Doesn't make him a hero, but he's upfront about his bias(es), and willing to give a forum for opposing viewpoints."

I can attest to the fact BG censors people for posting contrary views, so your assertion that BG is "upfront" and "willing to give a forum for opposing viewpoints" is simply wrong and I don't see how you can mischaracterize what the little commie is doing.

Furthermore, BG supports all liberal agendas if you haven't noticed which includes urging people to revolt against conservatives by any means. Donald, what do you think "any means" means? BG and the Wise County Democratic thugs approve of the shooting and repression of Republican congressmen.

Get on board Donald or get the hell out of the way.

Anonymous said...

donald, make no mistake about it, political "discourse" is causing violence among Democrats. They even encourage one another to do anything and everything. Your pal at LL is just as guilty of inciting riot as the guy who shot the congressmen.

mzchief said...

To Anonymous BU-Bear Hater/s...

In all the years I've submitted thousands of comments on The Freakshow that is BG's blog, he has NEVER refused to publish a single comment. I rarely agree with BG's political perspective. Honestly who in their right mind could? One thing I can personally attest to is that BG is one of the most decent people I've met and would most assuredly NEVER do anything to cause another human harm, including but not limited to intentionally inciting assault/murder.

Just an FYI... You may have an issue with comments not making it through on Blog Spot and need to contact Barry and have him check the "spam" folder. It does happen.


To The Donald...

I am shocked and somewhat dismayed to learn that you anonymously comment on The Freakshow. I have never anonymously posted a comment on any blog. I'm not always proud of my comments/opinions some of them aren't as fully formed as I'd like when I share them. However, owning them makes me all the more aware of who exactly I am and exactly what I need to improve. That being the case, me being me, I never judge people for the things they do that cause no harm. I truly believe we are all doing the best we can. Some days are better than others.

Anonymous said...

Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas. It's just as true on the internet.

The Donald said...


Denney, let me start by pre-emptively apologizing for the length of my retort. Of course, if your blog were monetized, I would be asking for a commission. So, here goes...

9:59 (although not specifically addressed to my comment) - Because this is America, BSG can say what he wants, and express whatever ideas - however ill-conceived. Those with differing viewpoints - myself included - use our own platforms to deliver brilliant and incisive commentary.

11:04 (also not addressed to me) - I tend to agree with your analysis, though I don't know him - or his family - personally. I view his blog as a circus, and he is the ringmaster.

10:58 - The fact that BSG apparently has many 'blind-spots' with respect to other liberals' actions is not tantamount to outright approval of violence or murder. If you have evidence of his supporting violence against, or murder of, conservatives, I shall stand corrected. Otherwise, I believe your argument is a logical fallacy.

8:39 - Well, YMMV. Like I said, I've not experienced anything that I believe to be censorship over there. Judging from the dreck - from commenters of all political stripes - that he does post, he doesn't seem to block much. Draw your own conclusions. What evidence have you that WC Dems "approve the shooting...of Republican congressmen"?

As far as 'getting on board and out of the way' - of whom or what?

11:06 - One word: Bullshit! Yes, political discourse has devolved considerably. We are not in the era where RWR could reach across the party aisle to work with Speaker O'Neill. Since November, there have been many voices on the Left that seriously needed some self-editing, but to say that any and all left-leaning nit-wits are as guilty as Rep. Scalise's shooter is but another logical fallacy. Certainly the Left should think before speaking, but the sole responsibility for that shooting rests with the dead asshole who pulled the trigger.

My conservatism requires no one's validation. I was appalled and outraged by the FBI's actions at Ruby Ridge, and by the Reno DOJ's cluster outside Waco, neither of which makes me complicit it any way with McVeigh's murder of 168 innocents at OKC. Nor do my Christian beliefs condone in any way Eric Rudolph's actions any more than being a 2A defender supports Harris & Klebold's murders at Columbine.

Mz - Ruh-roh! Mea culpa regarding the anon comments - you are to be commended for always owning your comments. I believe we are on the same page in how we view the LL forum. As you appropriately note, it is a Freakshow, so I would simply offer/rationalize that my occasional unattributed comment is a warranted expedient/defence ;-) against ad hominem attacks and uninvited intrusion of some of that detritus on my own blog.

Back to you, Denney - how 'bout them Rangers?

Anonymous said...

Mzchief -- I've had plenty of posts never come up over there at LL so quit saying Barry never does this or that when he does and I know it for a fact! I've met the saw-offed runt myself and do not share your affection. Never say never, whoever you are.

I say whoever you are because just because you post under an account doesn't mean anybody knows who you are. I looked at your blog site and profile and still don't have a clue who you are so you may as well be anonymous. It's just as likely you are Barry himself.

You haven't made a new post at your blog in a long time. Why don't you tell us who you are?

mzchief said...

To The Donald...

I completely understand. I am more like BG in that I don't mind fanning the flames and realise that the mere fact it's me who posts a comment sets alight the hair of a certain segment of BG's readership. What can I say other than I do indeed live up to my nomdeplume? *:)

mzchief said...

To Anonymous 11:08...

RE: Unpublished Comments

Blogger has an issue with randomly deciding to send some people's comments to a spam file. IF your comment doesn't make it through and you've not made libellous statements about anyone other than BG or included graphic vulgarity, you need to send BG an e-mail and alert him to the fact you sent a comment that failed to get published. Ask BG to check his spam folder.

RE: Difference between Internet Identity and "Anonymous"

You may not know me but you most assuredly know my comments. My comments ALL have my Internet identity associated with them. By claiming ALL my comments, readers are given the opportunity to form a bias/affection for my opinions. By "signing" my comments also allow people to see if I'm consistent. Most of you anonymous commenters are all over the place and most likely can't maintain a consistent stance on any one topic for more than two posts. Yeah, I just called you and your anonymous brethren a bunch of half-baked, wishy-washy hypocrites. Oh, if you're offended by me calling you a hypocrite, give yourself a few moments or an hour or two to be gobsmacked by the absolute hypocrisy of someone, who posts "anonymously," challenging/questioning my unwillingness to disclose my real life identity to your lot.

RE: Not Disclosing My Actual Factual Real Life Identity

As for people knowing my real life identity, several do, you just don't happen to be one of them. As for letting everyone know who I am, not on your life. I see too many anonymous nutters posting to be willing to allow any of you psychos to have access to me. I've had anonymous commenters threaten to do me harm if they could locate me. I'm afraid my trigger finger would be slightly twitchy if I ever thought someone approaching me meant to do me or my family personal harm.

Just an FYI, I don't really ascribe much credit to anonymous comments. People who consistently lack the integrity to claim ownership of their comments, really don't interest me and have little value to me. In plain words, I don't give two spits what you think about me or anything else, for that matter. As for my response to you being slightly callous and unvarnished, it's been a long day and I really don't have much patience for your ilk, on my best day. If you've been offended by my forthright response please know, I'm sorry your feelings were hurt by me being truthful.

I hope my suggestion for how you can deal with your unpublished comments has been helpful. It's been real.

Anonymous said...

I did not make all the posts above but am compelled to write after reading what Donald had to say. BTW, I post anonymously in order to conceal my identity and I make no bones about it. If you don't like it or do not understand it, kiss my @ss. If someone is hiding behind a persona on the internet, isn't that still anonymous? Do you really "own" what you say if no one knows who you are? Personally, I do not have to read my internet posts to decide who I am and what I think.

First, it looks like nobody here is conservative, rather it's more like ohhh, we should be careful what we say cause we might upset somebody. That kind of thinking gets Pelosi elected -- every time!

To comment on the LL blog: Green has loaded up on some powerful karma and eventually he's going to have to pay. He posts Democratic talking points every day! He's getting directions from party affiliates! Consequently when some nut takes the talking points literally and starts shooting then we have to admit those talking points are what drove the shooter up the wall -- Green and his cohorts push that shiite on us via his web site. It is full of distortions and lies and you idiots know it and yet are terrified (because you don't want to upset anybody) to take him on. You got no balls. Yes, your conservatism does need to be validated.

Don't say bullshit, Donald. The Demos and the media have created an atmosphere that is ready to ignite, Barry & LL included. Ignore it at your own peril.