Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Other People's Money

It looks like Alvord voters disagree with the school board’s $13.6 million bond package. 116 for/404 against. I predict the board will figure out a way to get around the voters, much like is done in most school districts in Texas.

Maybe they can do it like Chico, whose school bond package of $1.8 million passed 97 for/92 against. Smaller amounts are less intimidating and taxes increase ever so slightly.

I noticed Rex Hoskins won place 4 on the Decatur School Board. A popular police chief is about to learn how to make a lot of enemies by engaging in politics. Good luck Rex, you’re gonna need it.

Of course, the property tax base in the Northwest School District must be through the roof. I notice where a $399 million school bond package passed by over a thousand votes. What does $400 million by these days?

The state of Maryland may want to use Northwest’s schools hiring policies after one County alone placed over 500 school employees on administrative leave this school year for alleged child abuse or neglect. To hell with administrative leave, if guilty, they should go to jail. They will understand how abuse affects humans very quickly while in prison.

I have never seen the media, politicians and citizens go negative on a US President like they have with Trump. How haters do so enjoy hating... I need to remember that these same type of zealots crucified Jesus...

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