Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sorry for being absent
my soapbox was in the shop

  ~ I was reading where 18 CIA informants were killed or imprisoned in China between 2010 and 2012. Spying for the USA is not a good career move. Unmasking is taking its tole.

  ~ I noticed that the terrorism threat level in Britain was raised to critical after the Manchester bombing. Once the population changes it’s mind and halts importing radical Muslim jihadists and Sharia fundamentalists, it will be too late to change the course of terrorism without exporting en mass.
  ~ The Finnish aren’t always politically correct when describing “grammer Nazis”, which translates to English as “comma fu@%er$”. They think like many Texans. Words that America need.

  ~ Although Trump’s budget proposes deep cuts to programs for the poor, I tend to believe our government enables the poor to stay poor and promotes sloth, mostly for political gain.

The great hyprocrisy of liberals is they still justify government spending even after the last administration doubled American debt. The sad, unAmerican reality is that no person, business or country will ever get ahead in this world by living and spending above their means. Why would they think USA is exempt from this truth?

Another sad, inconvenient truth: Massive debt is just another form of bondage. It allows creditors to dictate terms to debtors., In our case, it is the middle class working American who actually pays 90% of government spending and is condemned for not wanting to enable sloth and murder.

  ~ I have mixed emotions on the President’s withdrawal from the Paris accord. Being party to a group who creates agreements that are voluntary and used to create higher taxes that benefit other countries is just another form of redistribution of wealth. It made Al Gore a wealthly man.

In my opinion, global warming is a fact of nature, otherwise, this planet would still be in an ice age.

  ~ I can’t say I was saddened when I read where former Penn State University President and 2 other former officials got jail time for their roles in the child molestation scandal at the school. I predict a probated sentence on appeal, if he retains counsel who knows the judge.

Ignoring bad behavior is either denial or enabling. I tend to believe they enabled it since silence is consent. “You cannot change what you do not acknowledge”, Dr. Phil McGraw, accomplished egotist.

  ~ Portland’s Mayor wants a free speech rally to be cancelled, citing it was dangerous. Isn’t it sad that a free speech rally in America is considered dangerous. Rivers of blood have been spilled defending the rights listed in our Constitution. Time to confront our domestic enemies.

If constitutionalists don’t stand up and defend freedom of speech and expression in their communities, they deserve to lose it. This is similar to what happened in Nazi Germany.

  ~ College graduates are now celebrating their racial and LGBT diversity by holding separate “diversity commencements”. I have no problem with this. My problem is when they expect and demand special rights and priviledges beyond those guaranteed to all Americans. 

I was pondering the thought of the creation of public “safe spaces” in the shower the other morning and a thought came to mind. The only safe space that exists is inside God’s will, and even there risk and danger cannot be avoided.


The Donald said...

Welcome back, Denney!

Vis-à-vis bullet item #4, DJT is practicing what Jack Welch did at GE. You don't reward poor performance - to do so is to create a permanent underclass/dependency. Of course, IMO that it why Lyndon Johnson was so enamored of the idea.

Taking the shackles off of entrepreneurs and businesses will do more to stoke the country's economic engine than any government redistribution scheme ever will.

mzchief said...

Glad you're out of the shop and back to killing time on the Interweb. I don't always agree with you but I appreciate that you seem to think through your opinions before you hammer them out on your blog.

Yeah, I read your stuff.

BTW...Good to see The Donald is still kicking around.

Denney Crane said...

We may not always agree, but I continue to value and respect yours.