Thursday, April 27, 2017

Many Americans prefer to focus on the problem instead of the solution

Now that's funny!

 ~ Would you believe that U.S. taxpayers are paying Jihadists and their families? The US government gives the Palestinian Authority $300 million dollars a year, bloodmoney, to support Jihadists and their survivors. A family whose son was murdered while visiting Israel found out that the murderer's family is making money off their son's death. The Taylor Force Act is trying to stop it.

It's hard for me to wrap my head around the concept that we have to pass a law to stop taxpayer funding of terrorism, which, by definition, is already deemed a criminal act.  The last administration, with the help of the MSM, kept this a closely guarded secret. Sadly, very few American are aware of it since it’s not part of the Resistance or liberal agenda, and not making MSM headline news.

 ~ As I continue to observe the latest progressive liberal socialist repressive, totalitarian and sometimes militant movement known as the “Resistance”, they all seem to have one thing in common: they want the government to pay their bills, subsidize their lifestyle or bestow them special rights and priviledges.

The Resistance has 2 big problems with their movement: 1. Government money is taxpayer money, hence accountability of funding their causes should come from the taxpayers, and we are getting fed up. Don't believe me? Look at who was elected POTUS.  2. The U.S. Constitution protects law abiding US citizens equally; regardless of race, creed, religion, gender, national origin, age or ancestry.

If you look closely, they are doing everything they can to get taxpayer funding for their fringe causes as well as circumvent the US Constitution.  Allow me to further illustrate.

The 82nd Annual 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade in Portland has been cancelled due to a threat received by email. The reason for the anonymous threat: the Multnomah County Republican Party is a participant.
‘"The fascists know that we'll keep shutting their marches down," the Facebook event states. "They are now planning to march within other parades to protect their message of hate and white supremacy — it won't work."’
This is an act of terrorism.  This is also a hate crime.  The reason it is not called terrorism is because it promotes the agenda of the Resistance and is supported by the MSM, whose focus is on anything anti-Trump instead of the actual issues and his proposed policies.  The MSM is complicit in inciting civil unrest and violence. 

The intolerant left believes freedom of speech and expression only applies to their fringe group. And remember, silence is consent of this movement.

What the intolerant left has yet to discover is that when the tolerant right gets fed up with being patient, tolerant and kind, and decides to defend their rights, blood will fill the streets. We ain't played cowboys and terrorists yet, but it's a comin... Come pull that shit in Texas or Oklahoma and see what happens.

Those who disagree with this proposition are welcome to move to Oregon, California or any of the liberal states and cities that that welcome and support this movement.  I imagine we can get a fund started to help with your moving expenses. Don't come here and try to change our beliefs, move to where you can flock with your Dodo family.

~ Trump's new tax plan wants to lower corporate taxes. The left wants the public to believe he’s doing it for personal gain. I tend to believe that lower corporate taxes would create lower cost of consumer goods that we buy, benefiting the consumer, comprised mainly of the middle class. In my business, the taxes we pay are passed on to the consumer, just like all our cost of goods sold. The consumer pays all our bills.

If my company taxes are reduced, I would also be able to hire more help instead of outsourcing the work and spend more money on improvements and upgrades, creating more work for the evil working class.

Speaking of company taxes, has there ever been a class action lawsuit against a Texas property taxing entity for inflating property appraisals? I know I would gladly participate in one if it were created. Although unpopular, raising the property tax rate is understandable, but inflating appraised values is criminal.

 ~ I just watched Senator Diane Feinstein say “Senator [Bernie} Sanders isn’t a Democrat”. Please prove to me that most Congressional Democrats, including Senator Feinstein, are not socialists or do not promote socialist reform.

Is this hacker a hero? After reading the entire article, he/she seems to be doing the world a favor.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, Denney -- the good old boys I talk with in Wise and Montague, etc, are little more than Democrat welfare pimps. The quality of men in north Texas is matched only by their craving for meth, weed, and beer. These guys believe we're going to war with North Korea and that Trump is the fascist anti-Christ.

These are not young men, either. Rather, they are losers in life's lottery and they are bitter about it. Never mind that they are responsible for their lack of ambition and drug habits. They want a free cell phone and peace on earth.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have elitist lawyers and doctors and landowners who believe a unified, Star Trek future is in the cards for the US. A ridiculous proposition in that the Left has practically guaranteed civil war inside America (for the few real American men remaining).

It's too late to save what we worked for and earned in this nation. The rats and communists and neocons have blocked the exits.

Anonymous said...

I just came from the Liberally Lean website and my question is, do you have to graduate from high school to be a lawyer in Wise County?

Anonymous said...

I got censored again over at that communist lawyer's blog trying to post a comment -- it happens most of the time. My comments are not lewd and nasty like Colbert but I guess I am hitting close to home because the little bugger rarely approves of my observations. He's either hiding from the truth or twisting it around.

Anonymous said...

5:44 -

Me too. That guy is a jerk.

Anonymous said...

The Left is stirring the pot. A long, protracted civil war will result. It's what they think they want. A peaceful resolution to our differences is no longer available.

The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat. Don't be alarmed -- it will be in self-defense.