Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Proof? Pudding? or Poo?

 ~ In my post on April 6th, I predicted Bill O’Reilly would announce his retirement this summer. Well, it looks like Bill would not leave gracefully, so Fox News just removed him from their prime time line up. I should have known his ego would not allow him to retire…

  ~ I believe the leaders of several countries are be re-reading the treaties they signed with the US and the UN. Now that someone is actually enforcing the treaties and holding these countries accountable for breaking them, risk versus reward will be reevaluated.

Of course, both the media and politicians continue not to let a “serious crisis go to waste”.

  ~ If there were as many commercial airline crashes in real life as there are on TV, I would never set foot on an airplane.

Speaking of airlines, I predict a windfall of lawsuits against them for past forced removals now that the public is favorable to the victims of their actions.

  ~ Ninety thousand (90,000) Christians were killed last year because of their religious belief. That makes them the most persecuted religion in the world.

  ~ Liberals embracing violence? Anti-fascists attacking others demostrating free speech at Patriot Day in a Berkley Park? Now that leadership is fighting back, you can expect a trickle down effect. In the south, someone would have been shot, and self-defense is legal in conservative states.


Anonymous said...

A progressive mindset is a violent mindset.

Anonymous said...

What is the source of the 90K Christians stat? I'd like to read about that.

Anonymous said...

Het dude @ 9:07 -- what's the matter? Fingers broken? Do a Google search for 90,000 Christians. Lots of articles to choose from.