Monday, April 10, 2017

Double standard?
Double-Double standard?

One might ask why Russia is backing Syria and Iran and denouncing the U.S. My guess: follow the money. They stand to gain billions in weapons sales. Of course, you heard no public outcry when Hillary brokered the sale of our plutonium reserves to Russia, which will end up in weapons based in Iran, North Korea and China to start. Double standard?

Also remember that when Russia went into Afghanistan, we sent hundreds of millions in support of those fighting against them. Double standard? Where did all the money end up and who benefitted? The industrial military complex, located or controlled mainly by the USA, China and Russia.

If this is accurate, one might deduce that Putin is for sale and that greed is evil. Please name one politician in Washington that doesn’t have his hand out and will many times support the lobby that is most generous. There is a long list of timely donations to the Clinton foundation before several large government deals were closed. Double standard?

You were promised by President Obama, John Kerry and Susan Rice that chemical weapons were removed from Syria years ago because they negotiated a signed treaty to that affect. You might also find it important to remember that the same promises were made by the same people with similar treaties concerning Iran’s nuclear weapons program. These leaders are deemed champions of peace and the people. Double standard?

If you look at separate interviews of Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton by the same interviewer, it’s not difficult to see a double standard in attitude, treatment and questioning. Starts at the 17:46 mark.

Hell, how does Wells Fargo Bank react to the DOJ investigation into their latest scandal? They appoint Chelsea Clinton to their board of directors for one. After $1.5 billion in fines in the last four years, they may believe she could be an effective asset. Where’s the media outcry? Where’s the Occupy Wall Street movement? Double standard? If this would have been one of Trump’s kids, I assure you progressives would be screaming from the mountain tops.

Or how about feminist and women’s rights activist Senator Elizabeth Warren who pays her female employees an average of 71 cents on the dollar paid to her male employees. Why aren’t feminists publically outraged? Double standard?

Our government leaders are liars and thieves. The media enables, endorses and encourages these leaders, at least until they’re caught and can't be ignored. Even worse, the American people accept and tolerate it, once again proving that it’s easier to believe a comforting lie than a painful truth.


Anonymous said...

All good comments except for one thing: the Sarin gas attack in Syria. It appears to have been a false flag. Trump's response helped his reputation but the actual physical attack was less than first touted in that the other side is already using the airbase again. False Flag, war games, and propaganda.

And now we have overt war in Syria. That'll keep the refugees coming, the globalists happy, and the Democrats agitated.

If we're going to start the next Crusade, let's drop this Syrian nonsense and go straight to Tehran.

By the way, why can't the most modern army in the world defeat the Muslims in Afghanistan? My spider-sense tells me Afghanistan is not about "winning".

Anonymous said...

Not much discussion going on around here.