Wednesday, December 21, 2016


 ~ Trump successfully played and worked the media during his campaign. He did the same with Hillary, Democrats and the establishment. To many 'deplorable' Americans, he made them look like corrupt liars. Presently, it looks like he’s playing his haters and detractors. Constant negative criticism is extremely unattractive, that includes all participants, including myself.

  ~ As I listen to the current administration condemn foreign governments for broadcasting fake news into the USA, I find the hypocrisy outrageous. Our own government circulates as much or more fake news of anyone in the world. 90% of our media is controlled by 6 corporations, so it’s not that difficult.

The latest example of this is accusations that Putin and the Russian government helped hack the DNC. How do they cover up their propaganda? They create a distraction by condemning and blaming other countries for what they just did. A very effective tactic since Americans prefer to condemn others instead of looking in the mirror.

BTW, Julian Assange went on Hannity the other night and said that the DNC email hack was actually a leak from inside the DNC itself. Sadly, if he could prove this, no one would really care…

 ~ Why would our President permantly ban drilling oil exploration in the Artic?  Is this just another way of staying dependent on foreign oil and keeping his Middle Eastern buddies rolling in cash?

 ~ Canada is welcoming Syrian refugees into their country by the tens of thousands. So much for the fence idea… France has done this for years, why is no one listening to their outspoken reversal in allowing more in?

  ~ I cease to be amazed at the ingenuity of some Americans. There’s a woman selling positive pregnancy tests for $30 on Craigslist to pay for college. She’s averaging $200 a day. It’s a no-questions-asked arrangement. Blackmail? Extortion? Prank? Wow

Merry Christmas to all, enjoy your families, be blessed.


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, good post today! We used to call fake news, propaganda. Now that's it's legal to propagandize all media, they call it "fake news". Same game, different day.

We shall see, but I pray for a reckoning.

Barry has censored my last 6 posts on his blog. I tell ya, the guy can dish it out but he sure can't take it. He even called me an *sshole a few weeks ago for pointing out the obvious.

Anyhoo, I'm smarter and better-looking so I'll let it go.

Whoa, hey! Merry Christmas! This blogging thing sure is fun. Thanks for providing a place where reality is plainly stated.


The Donald said...

Canada is welcoming Syrian refugees into their country by the tens of thousands.

Like Brexit and DJT's election, I wonder if our northern neighbors will have an epiphany and turn the tide on decades of Ottowa liberalism.