Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Are you ready to play
Cowboys and Terrorists?

 ~ The New York Times reported that the suspect in the deadly truck attack in Berlin had been denied asylum and “A German official said prosecutors had been observing him on suspicion that he was plotting an attack.” Observing him???? He was in their country illegally, why didn’t they go ahead and deport or detain him? One word: incompetence!

The article, if accurate, leads me to believe that government bureaucracies are ineffective, incompetent, sympathetic or just clueless when it come to protecting citizens from terrorists. America needs an old fashion round up and corralling of terrorist suspects here illegally. If they are here illegally, they are, by definition, criminals…their rights should not supersede our safety.

Some things never change. If liberals couldn’t blame others for their failures, they would not be able to continue promoting failed agendas – denial based on justification. Owning our failures is more important than taking credit for our successes, especially when determining a person’s character.

 ~ We aren’t the only country with leaders Tweeting stupid stuff. Pakistan’s defense minister threatened Israel with nuclear war after reading fake news that Israel’s defense minister threatened Pakistan. Aren’t these people paid to research these reports before making official remarks?

 ~ In the idiocy section today, a police union has urged Amazon to remove t-shirts that read “Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter” of their online marketplace. Personally, I believe they need to draw a bull’s-eye in the letter “O” to help prove the wearer’s belief.

 ~ A Drexel University professor is catching flack for this Christmas tweet: “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide”. Is this not a borderline threat? Since he’s Caucasian, might I suggest he set the example and start with the man in the mirror.

 ~ Do you think Obama will commute the sentence of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich? I believe he’s got a pretty good chance of getting released. How can you convince lawmakers to break the law for you if you hold them accountable for their actions?

 ~ A former Versace employee is suing them for discriminating against blacks. They supposedly had a special code when a black customer entered the store. He was fired two weeks after he was hired and is asking for asking for unpaid wages and damages. His lawsuit should be interesting if it goes to court.

Fifteen years ago, some friends of mine went in Versace while we were at Caesars in Vegas. They were greeted and told they were welcome to browse as long as they were buying and not just looking. After I heard that, I decided I would never darken their doorstep. What I didn’t do is insist they sue the store for discriminating against shoppers.

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Anonymous said...

It was either incompetence or the attacker had help from somebody. I suspect the latter.

After Trump takes office (if they don't kill him first), I expect to see revelations concerning covert operations within the US borders. I also predict these "terrorist" attacks will vanish overnight.

Trump is circumventing the MSM by using midnight tweets. They are reacting to him. This is a good thing.

The Drexel professor should be sent to racial awareness classes -- then we would see how he likes it. In more university news, more and more US universities are dropping compulsory US history classes for history majors! This is akin to dropping anatomy classes for pre-med majors.

Same thing happened to me at the Versace store in Vegas.