Monday, January 2, 2017

Rules? They apply to everyone
except me...

 ~ The New York Times wrote that churches across the nation are ramping up to provide sanctuary for illegal aliens who face deportation under the new administration.

Two things: (1) aiding a person in committing a crime or harboring a fugitive is not a Christian act (Romans 13), but a criminal action; (2) anyone who aids a criminal with breaking the law deserves to face legal consequences.

 ~ As I read about our current President’s farewell address, I find myself thankful he’s leaving the office. He is responsible for the worst state of affairs this country has seen since WWII.

 ~ If you think you have issues with your relationships, get a load at the domestic disturbances in 2016 reported in Wise County as listed by the Wise County Messenger.


Deputies respond to many domestic disturbances involving couples over the course of the year. Here’s a sampling of the issues that led to someone calling police.

April 17 – A female wants her boyfriend’s wife to quit texting her to see if the husband is at her house.

April 28 – A man wanted to ask a deputy about his options regarding divorce.

May 19 – A woman advised her boyfriend threw a shoe at her, striking the back of her head. 

May 29 – A woman was informed by a third party that her boyfriend was burning her clothes. June 1 – A verbal disturbance took place between a man and woman over trust issues. Both had been drinking. The man contacted his mother who came to the house and gave him a ride. 

June 4 – A man reported his husband returned home and threw a birdbath into the front door of the home, breaking the glass. The two males then began a physical altercation in the front yard. 

 June 7 – A male and female got into an argument because the female refused to have sex in the vehicle. The male left the area naked and was unable to be located. 

July 14 – A man said his wife was arguing with him about attending a funeral. 

 Sept. 12 – An argument took place between spouses over pictures being hung on the wall. Parties were separated. 

Sept. 16 – A verbal disturbance took place between husband and wife over child custody and housework. 

Oct. 3 – Spouses got into an argument over how their house would be defended in case an intruder trespassed. The two were separated for the night. 

Oct. 25 – A man reported his ex-girlfriend broke into his home while he was away and stole baby clothes. 

Nov. 15 – A woman said her husband allowed friends to come to their house while she was away. 

 Nov. 19 – A woman said her husband was being passive aggressive and ignoring her on the couch, so she called the sheriff’s office. 

 Dec. 11 – A man reported his wife intentionally turned on the outside water faucet and allowed the water to run for numerous hours. 

Dec. 19 – A woman reported her boyfriend entered her home and destroyed her husband’s television set along with other expensive items in the house. 

Dec. 27 – Husband and wife argued over a family issue. She picked up a small box and threw it at him. The box hit him on the nose. She was arrested for assault by contact and taken to jail.


Fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, grandparents, grandchildren – we all share bonds with family members. But, from time to time, we’ve all got our issues. 

Feb. 28 – A woman said a verbal disturbance occurred when her grandson tried to hardwire his RV to her house for electricity. 

May 9 – A mother complained that an unknown person tattooed her juvenile son without permission. 

June 2 – Complainant said her stepson had left the house without permission. Prior to the deputy’s arrival, the stepson was located in the backyard on his cell phone. 

June 7 – A mother and daughter got into a verbal argument over the daughter being lazy and not getting a job. 

June 21 – Parents said their daughter was out of control and wanted a deputy to come speak to her. 

June 24 – A father and adult son got into an argument over a flat lawnmower tire. 

July 11 – A verbal disturbance took place between mother and son over him not going to work. 

Aug. 17 – A verbal argument took place between a father and stepson over the placement of a TV. 

Sept. 17 – Complainant reported he was threatened by his stepfather who was chasing him around the property with an ice pick. The stepfather came to jail.'


Anonymous said...

~ As I read about our current President’s farewell address, I find myself thankful he’s leaving the office. He is responsible for the worst state of affairs this country has seen since WWII.

Fact or personal opinion? If fact, your criteria for judgement would be interesting to review.

Anonymous said...

Why? Are you taking an opposing view? If so, you should state your opinion (facts?) on why you disagree. If you can, that is.