Thursday, October 27, 2016

Yesterday's gone...

 ~ Saturday Night Live had a skit with Tom Hanks this weekend that will no doubt become a classic. He and the cast who were in Black Jeopardy we absolutely hilarious. Category: “Skinny women can do for you” for $200. Hanks reply, “Not a damn thing!” Priceless!

~ Squirrel #4 in the freezer for the second batch of squirrel dumplings next month.  I am amazed at how good it was. Recipes call for 3, 2 to go.

 ~ I listened to a game warden tell me about a place they call "the 130" down in McAllen, a 9 mile stretch they patrol where 200-2,000 come across the border illegally every day.  What do they do with the majority of them?  Give them a bus or plane ticket anywhere they want to go.  Does that sound like border security to you?  And this is just a 9 mile area.

It doesn't matter if they're from Iran or Pakistan, they're lightly vetted, given a court date and given transportation to wherever they have a verifiable contact and place to go.  Do you see a security issue here?

Texas has no law on the books that says it's illegal for a non-US citizen to cross the border without proper authorization; therefore, state law doesn't consider them illegal.  Our state government should be held accountable for this. 

  ~ So, the Clinton's gave $500k to her FBI email investigator's wife's campaign fund in Virginia. Of course, this could never be considered a conflict of interest, bribery, impropriety, coercion, breach of trust, extortion or racketeering...unless you're a conservative, then it's jail.

It looks like Colin Powell wants a seat on Hillary's cabinet or a good job since he endorsed her this week. He wouldn't have crossed the line for less than 20k or more a month...

I watched Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, “Hillary’s America” last weekend. It was a historical look on how throughout our history, the Democratic Party supported slavery and how they continue to hold black people in bondage. These are stories that our history books omit, even though they're accurate.

Las Vegas odds on the Presidential election: Hillary win – bet $500 to win $100 ~~ Trump win - bet $100 to win $350. That’s some pretty heavy odds, and it also tells you who the money is on.

Here’s the crazy thing. Supposedly, the leading poll with the best track record in the last 3 elections, Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP tracking poll, has Trump leading by 2.4% as of last Saturday. If you go to Vegas before the election, put $200 on Trump for me, I’m good for it.

 ~ Megyn Kelly, my former dream woman, was put in her place by Newt Gingrich who called her out on her bias against Donald Trump on her own show.  Deservedly so, in my opinion.  Prepare to see her kicked to the curb, I have.  The Republican Party will never recover the Presidency unless they find a way to appease the conservative right.  RINOs don't get the job done.

 ~ Healthcare premiums going up over 20% next year, which means less coverage and higher deductibles.  And this is after $330 billion in tax money has subsidized the premiums.  We were promised many good things with the ACA, please tell me which of those promises were true?

Is this the biggest lie sold to Americans so far this century?  No, it wasn't sold to us, it was forced on us, and still is.

What does the President propose to solve the problem?  What they wanted in the first place, a way to control our healthcare - socialized medicine. His answer (and Hillary's): A government-backed insurer.  Obamacare was just "a starter home".  This was the original endgame.

What do you call it when your premiums double and your coverage is cut in half? Politicians call it leverage; leverage to socialize medicine.  Reap your whirlwind liberals, at least until you qualify for Medicare, but even that won't help for long since our healthcare system will turn into the same system our veterans' receive: slow and shitty.

 ~ Why would the President of the Phillipines want US troups (5 bases) out of their country?  We are alienating our allies, a prediction made 8 years ago about what this administration would accomplish.

  ~ From what I saw on the news last night, the long-haul truck driver may be replaced by artificial intelligence. A tractor-trailer rig drove 120 miles with no driver. Once they’ve got the bugs worked out of that system, they will probably have robots unloading those trucks. Things are sure gonna change!

 ~ On the bright side, at least the NY Times has declared rainbow sprinkles are in again.  They're just so photogenic.

 ~ I don't know which I look forward to most, spring or fall.  I do know I enjoy both seasons immensely.

 ~ I did a spell check on this post for all you grammar Nazis. I did ignore a couple of errors for redneck reasons...

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The Donald said...

In the Jeopardy sketch, probably the funniest bit was at the end, when the category was "Lives That Matter".

Kenan has become probably the 'glue' player, a role previously filled by Phil Hartman and Darrell Hammond. The twinkle in his eyes brightens every sketch he does.

I'm not so much a fan of Kate McKinnon's, but Cecily Strong has become, in a very short time, the best female cast member, IMO.