Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Disinformation and misinformation
appeal to the masses

Best political ad in Texas this year! 

 ~ The NY Times was going all out targeting Trump and how he avoided paying personal taxes. The irony of the media portraying him as a bad guy for legally using tax laws to reduce his taxes versus the criminal conduct of his heroic adversary to get her elected is inexcusable.

 ~ Since when did the Justice Dept consider a criminal investigation by the FBI interference with an election? If Trump was involved, progressives would be screaming for immediate action.

However, the NY Times never mentioned the fact that:
"The Justice Department official in charge of informing Congress about the newly reactivated Hillary Clinton email probe is a political appointee and former private-practice lawyer who kept Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta “out of jail,” lobbied for a tax cheat later pardoned by President Bill Clinton and led the effort to confirm Attorney General Loretta Lynch."
 ~ Do you believe Hillary really wants the new emails disclosed to the American public immediately? Good public move, unless they actually release them.

 ~ Why would anyone believe that the POTUS election is rigged, especially after CNN severed ties with Democratic strategist Donna Brazile after Wikileaks hacked her emails, showing she shared questions in advance to the Clinton campaign at CNN-sponsored events. Assange needs a Nobel Prize.

Truth allows justice, without it, there can be no justice…Why wouldn't the Clinton campaign refuse the information and condemn her actions? I think you know the answer.

 ~I’m sure the Justice Dept was surprised when Ammon and Ryan Bundy were acquitted on conspiracy charges in the occupation of the wildlife refuge in Oregon. Three questions come to mind…
1. Do Oregon liberals believe big brother is overreaching? All 12 jurors “rejected everything about the government’s case”.
2. Would this have gone to trial if it were a BLM occupation?
3. Why are the BLM rioters not charged with conspiracy
 ~ You know you might be in trouble if you have to buy bottled air to keep from getting sick and stay healthy. Humans may all have to migrate to the southern hemisphere in 100 years.


Anonymous said...

Truth is something we are all concerned about until we have a stake in its explication. Then, suddenly, most of us turn self-righteous because we are weak and seduced by ego.

You said, Truth allows justice, without it, there can be no justice…

Yes, I agree. I would say, justice demands the truth -- and it can be reached without regard to your previously mentioned thesis of disinformation and misinformation -- as long as we are not tricked into believing what the "other side" would have us believe.

Anonymous said...

ya know, I'd like to add that the purpose of life is to glory in the presence of God, to ask God to manifest himself through my person and in my actions. right? Now some people get that and some don't. Put simply, it is living a natural life as defined by the Christian Bible. Admittedly, I screw it up, but that's all part of the dynamic as well.