Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Law and order
lawless and disorderly?

 ~ I think Trump let Hillary off easy in the first debate. When she said that the biggest national security threat was terrorists getting nuclear weapons, I was waiting for him to ask her why then are they allowing Iran, a known terrorist state, to further their nuclear ambitions?

When she expressed her concern about cyber terrorism, I wondered why he didn't bring up her lack of cyber security on her personal server.

When talking about personal financial responsibility, why didn't he ask her how they lost/misplaced $5 billion in the Middle East? 

When she talked about creating jobs, why didn't he ask her how she could create more jobs and increase wages when companies keep leaving America. 

When she talked about her stamina and experience with speaking with hundreds of people and several countries about making treaties and deals, why didn't he ask her if they had to donate to her foundation to close the deals?

When she talked about protecting Americans, why didn't he ask her about the Americans she let die in Bengazi?

The list can go on and on...

  ~ The MSM and this administration does not differentiate protesters from rioters, which seemingly condones rioters and allows them justification by using the term “protesters”. This seems to be a clear sign that they are enabling, if not promoting the violence. I predict they will change the term “terrorist” to “protester” next.

Two things come to my deranged mind when contemplating this. 1. Violence is good for media ratings, which helps advertising income. 2. FEMA camps were probably created for this very reason. I don’t see any prison or jail big enough to hold the escalation of rioters in the coming years. Our government has been prepping with body bags, coffins, guns and ammo for the last several years.

  ~ The Post wrote an eye-opening opinion piece about job destruction in America caused by technology. Currently, your position may not be secure, but AI and robotics will be doing manual labor in place of our grandchildren.

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TommyBoy said...

Hillary pressed the attack throughout with the aid of the commentator (and the network and the media). I imagine Trump has been coached to not flare back at her because it would look bad -- a man chastising a woman -- yet, that is what was needed.

Hillary went on and on with the same political rhetoric we've heard from the professionals all our lives. She was efficient and well-spoken, even if she was lying and playing with the facts, which, without question, she does.

Bear in mind that Hillary and old Bill are responsible for the death and destruction of people and property from Sarejevo to Waco and all the way back to Syria. They are war-mongering megalomaniacs bent on socialism and the destruction of basic human rights -- despite what their lying mouths may utter.

Can Trump do better? Is Billy Graham Baptist?