Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ka Ka Ka

  ~ The father of the New York bombing suspect told the police he was a terrorist 2 years ago, which prompted an FBI investigation. This should serve as proof that our government cannot or will not protect us.

I see no way to successfully combat this problem without using the proven tactic of “profiling”. Israel is most successful with this problem and that’s exactly how they do it. If our bureaucracy was interested in defeating this movement, they would re-implement the method, the same way they catch serial killers.

Claiming that profiling is unconstitutional is just a pretext for justification of non-action.  Politicians have more to gain from instilling fear and unrest in citizens than protecting and serving.  Americans just accept lip service instead of active service.

~ Grabbing for straws, Clinton is blaming Trump for inspiring acts of terrorism. These acts started escalating long before Trump took the political stage. As former Secretary of State, one might think she would admit some responsibility for not doing more to defend and defeat our common enemies instead of soliciting donations from them... 

  ~ An Army private serving a 35 year prison sentence goes on a hunger strike because he/she cannot get treatment for gender dysphoria. What does the Army do? They agree to provide the surgery suggested by his/her psychologist. I expect him/her to be very popular in prison.

  ~ GOP golden boy Coin Powell seems to have fallen from grace after hackers disclosed emails showing his two faces. He defended Hilary’s private server, saying he did the same thing, but now we see how vulnerable practicing that method. He’s also used some very sour words in his description of Trump.

Would you trust Powell now that the record shows he will praise you publically but condemn you behind your back? I think not. Thank you Russia for exposing this fraud. He’s just another two-faced bureaucrat.

  ~ I always believed Governor Christie was responsible for the Washington bridge closing to punish the local mayor. The guy is smart, but crooked, just like most successful politicians.

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