Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Where's God?
Oh yea, we threw Him out...

My analysis of Donald Trump and his candidacy may seem unorthodox, but… Why would an ego-driven billionaire run for POTUS? I believe he seeks to leave his name along side our greatest leaders. Power and profit don’t seem to be his primary motivation or he would have chosen to pander and pacify in his campaign.

Pride and ego make people predictable, similar to greed. He has already achieved many of his financial goals, but in order to quench his ego and attain idol status, he needs the position to revive American business, jobs and security. This I believe to be his greatest desire.

Every other politician is pretty much bought and paid for by campaign contributions, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with Trump. He will profit from this if elected, but what President hasn’t? If America doesn’t become business friendly again, you can kiss the middle class good-bye. If we don’t vet immigrants and secure our borders, get ready to live like those in Beirut or Israel.

Business friendly does not mean continuing to bring in cheap foreign labor by issuing hundreds of thousands of work visas. It means making us competitive with China and other foreign countries that don’t have to follow big brother’s regulatory protocols. Both parties do it because big business finance their campaigns.

Vetting immigrants and protecting our borders are not unconstitutional, as viewed by the left. Not doing so through negligence, incompetence or attrition should be considered treason. To serve and protect Americans, as well as our constitution is why we need our government, not to tell us which restroom we can use.

To me, qualifications are secondary compared to someone who is willing to do the right thing. Mr. Trump’s opponent has spent most of her life pandering and profiting from political position, which is very dangerous long-term. Our enemies gladly buy influence at that level.

I don’t believe Mr. Trump has the ability to repair the division this administration has created between Americans. That being said, I find myself 100 times more willing to believe his campaign promises than Hillary’s, which is still a very sad statement.

The thought of continuing on the path this country has traveled for the last 7 years should concern every American patriot. We have war in the streets, justice that's not blind, debt we can't pay, hatred, perversion, depravity and corruption; even worse, it's becoming acceptable.

My perception of each candidate’s motives and what direction they want to take our country make my choice fairly simple, but not pleasing. Even though I believe the professional panderer will win, I continue to hope that Americans will unite and demonstrate the values that made us great.

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Anonymous said...

Costa Rica sounds better all the time. Trump said it himself: the election is fixed. Once great America is over. Even Texan politicians have turned into wimps, neocons, and RINOs. It's all over except for the shouting and a whole lot more shooting. Can you imagine multicultural UN troops camped out on the courthouse square? I wonder if BG will watch from his office? Ya think people will be saying support the troops? Support the police? Under martial law? The Democrats will. The rest of us? Not so much.

Well written article, Denney. Keep it up.