Friday, August 5, 2016

Believe 10 percent of what you hear,
and half of what you see!

 ~ The University of Virginia, a state-funded college, is having a difficult time justifying their $2.2 billion slush fund to state lawmakers. This is separate from their endowment fund.

How do you justify a non-profit with a war chest of this magnitude instead of lowering tuition or expanding research and development? I personally believe they will be allowed to keep it after they pay off enough politicians to approve of their endeavor. That kind of money is a tool for power, influence and payoffs.

  ~ It took a little time, but after a 30 day comment period, the National Institutes of Health are lifting the ban on animal-human stem cell research, paving the way for federal funding. The NY Times has a great article on their plans, yet the possibilities can be quite unnerving.

It all seems quite brilliant and extraordinary, but there are other possible consequences: 1 – with smarter animals, humans may not stay at the top of the food chain; 2 – smarter animals could become extremely useful in military applications, similar to AI. If the feds fund it, the military will look for applications.

  ~ Who would have thought it? Khizr Khan, who verbally attacked Donald Trump at the DNC, is an immigration attorney. He makes his living primarily from assisting foreign nationals getting into the USA. Yep, he has a financial interest in the race and based on the look on his face, hates the Donald.

He has also removed his law firm’s website from the internet. Probably a good career move. I’m sure he feels like he could become a target for those who don’t share his views.

After processing Mr. Khan’s speech, I found myself upset with the contempt and hatred in his eyes. I’ve seen that look of hate before, and it seldom produces good. I didn’t like him using the US Constitution to condemn Trump in light of the fact that the Democratic Party is working hard to change our Constitution. Actually, I find it quite hypocritical.

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