Thursday, August 11, 2016

Remember when
tobacco didn’t cause cancer
and you could keep you own doctor?

I have always expressed distrust concerning all those studies done by think-tank institutions promoting corporate and government interests. Though it will go relatively unnoticed, the Times had an article showing how “donations” seem to buy favor from these whoring independent research firms.

Does it surprise anyone that a couple of hundred thousand dollars can buy favorable opinions for billion dollar projects from prestigious research institutions? Even worse, they’re tax-exempt since they provide for the betterment of society in America and the world.

They are used for “military sales to foreign countries, international trade, highway management systems and real estate development”. Do these types of institutions look like a think-tank research firm or a glorified lobbying machine? You make the call.

After reading an article about the Justice Department’s report finding police racial bias in Baltimore and the city’s vow to change , I predict the crime rate to rise in that city by double digits in the next 2 years. Anyone wanting to wager I’m wrong just needs to put cash in escrow with the deity, he knows I’m good for it.

Am I a bigot or racist to wonder if the people involved in this wreck were refugees? Whatever I am labeled, I feel sad for those involved in such a life altering accident.

Gubment management of ISIS toxic? “Dissatisfaction with the new way of doing business is reflected in an internal survey of command analysts that described the leadership as toxic, according to the report.” They finally confirmed what everyone already knows. Yahoo !

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TommyBoy said...

ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeida are all globalist constructs so that we may rally around one flag and support the authorities in their push for more control, more power, and more public surveillance. The last thing I fear in my home on the range is a terrorist attack. The tax man poses a greater threat than these fictitious para-military groups.

I do dig the black outfits ISIS members wear but wonder how they can stand the fashion statement in all the heat. They're fictitious, that's why!

George Orwell had all this crap figured out before either of us was born.