Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What's your price?
Is it negotiable?

I watched one of the best UFC fights Saturday night between Diaz and McGregor. If you are into cage fighting, it is definitely worth watching. The preliminaries weren’t bad either, one knockout took 13 seconds.

When the Philippines declare a war on drugs, they mean war, not rhetoric. Police and vigilantes have killed almost 1,800 people in seven weeks. 600,000 dealers and users have turned themselves in, fearing for their lives. You may not agree with that country, but their children will be safer…

Thanks to Obamacare and its health insurers, the Epipen is now $600 instead of $100. How many children and parents will suffer from not being able to afford one now? Yea, let the government run healthcare and watch prices soar and patient care suffer.

The State Dept says the $400 million paid to Iran for hostages was leverage, not ransom. Critics say that this is “the very definition of ransom”. Changing the terminology does not change the action.

The horror! A federal judge blocked federal guidelines for transgender access to restrooms. I thought all federal judges endorsed deviant behavior, guess I may need to rethink my belief system.

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TommyBoy said...

Great fight! Did I detect some animosity towards Joe Rogan from McGregor in the post-fight interview?