Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday's Sermon

Am I racist because I’m white? 
Quite simply: No. If you believe otherwise, then you are projecting your own bias towards others. The same holds true if you believe that I’m sexist because I’m male or pro-life, intolerant because I’m a Christian or my beliefs are different from yours, or homophobic because I disagree with that lifestyle.

If you call me names and insult me because you don’t have a valid, winnable argument, that’s one thing; but if you actually believe I am what you call me, you suffer from self-deception and self-delusion. It seems easier for some to find peace in projection than to accept the truth of their own condition.

Don’t take my word for it, ask experts in the field of psychology and social behavior. Don’t think you are always right, because no one is always right. Don’t blame me for your problems and issues, I did not create them.  Don’t expect me to change my mind and support or promote your delusions. 

Don’t expect me to sympathize with your position by calling me names. It is difficult for reasonable, rational people to sympathize with people who call them names. Being verbally attacked or abused is normally followed by self-defense.

Don't you remember your grandmother saying that you catch more flys with honey than with vinegar?

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