Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Are you buying in
or are you getting paid
for your vote(s)

Hope and Change
Compliments of Middle Eastern oil money?

 ~ Conspiracy theory? A former CIA field operations officer, (an expert in Middle Eastern affairs) said “There is nothing ISIS is doing that is not what Muhammad did. It is completely according to Islamic doctrine, law and scripture, as well as Muhammad’s biography.

She said that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our administration and established influence over many branches of our government and that Obama wants to empower Iran. Have you done a Google search lately of how many Congressmen are of the Muslim faith?

  ~ Khizr Khan and his wife took the stage at the DNC and rebuked Trump for his anti-Muslim rhetoric. Mr. and Mrs. Khan were qualified to speak because they were Muslim and their son was killed in Iraq in 2004.

I was taken aback when I read that Trump’s campaign manager said their son would still be alive today if Donald Trump were president, because he would not “have engaged in a war that didn’t directly benefit this country”.

Based on what I've seen and heard from our military today, there's a 75% chance that Mr. and Mrs. Khan's son would vote for Donald Trump if he were alive today. There's also a 75% chance that if the Donald can't control his remarks, he will suffer great humiliation as well as defeat.

 ~ Nancy Pelosi said that uneducated white men like Trump because of gays, guns and God. When I compare what Pelosi said with this example of a highly-educated Mexican-American male, I think I would rather identify with her description of me.

  ~ What is the real reason(s) behind colleges banning conservative speakers on campus? If they promote freedom of speech and diversity then why do they discriminate against conservatives on campus, a minority?

Is it government funding, or enrollment, or fear that snowflake leftists will protest and get violent? Is the fallout from protestors more damaging than allowing open discourse of ideas and viewpoints? Is it politically correct to shutdown opposing speech.

  ~ The left screams about minority voters’ rights similar to the right screaming about gun control. Which side most often commits election fraud and violates current gun laws? Who enables them?

  ~ New study finds that men are often their own favorite experts on any given subject. Of course, I already knew this since I’m an expert on all things needing expertise.

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