Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lubrication optional...

 ~ A woman buys and uses the sperm of a genius-level neuroscientist. Oops, the sperm turns out to be from a mentally ill criminal. Talk about natural selection and karma… I have only one recommendation: Choose your sperm wisely!

  ~ Or how about the woman who had a mental breakdown in court while testifying against her rapist? They threw her in Harris County jail in Houston for a month fearing she would flee before she finished testifying.

It gets worse. They booked her as the defendant (the rapist), not the victim and she was treated as such. She’s suing. Talk about a rainmaker! The bureaucracy will not let this go to trial no matter what it costs you. Anyone want to predict the amount of her settlement?

Actually this story could make an excellent movie. Between this and the Waco biker fiasco, I’m beginning to believe the judicial system in Texas is broken in places. Prosecutors and Judges want to be rock stars with groupies, cheering sections and constant headlines.

  ~ If you don’t believe that our politicians use fear tactics to gain support, I have only one question for you: Why is it they continue to tell us that Social Security is running out of money, but they never say Welfare is running out of money? The truth: We ran out of money 19 trillion dollars ago.

  ~ I do not condemn Ted Cruz for not endorsing DT at the convention after some of the things the Donald said about his family. I did like the part of his speech that stated we should vote for the candidate on the ballot who was willing to defend our constitution. Personally, I'm not a Cruz fan, but I happen to agree with him on this one.

If you put a political party before protecting the U.S. Constitution, be prepared to lose both. Words are cheap, oaths are unkept, they have bankrupted the treasury and they’re selling off what’s left. This has happened over the last 2 decades when both parties have controlled Congress and had the power, but not the will to fix it.

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