Sunday, July 24, 2016

Self-reclassification in America
Just another identity crisis…

If I am a man, but identify as a woman, I am actually pronouncing myself defective, whether physical, mental or emotional. Is this not some form of character defect or mental illness? To identify as something I am not is self-deception, a denial of the truth, a self-inflicted lie.

Even worse, why would I need your approval and support this lie? Even though I have the right to believe lies, why would I demand you to agree with and endorse my thinking, beliefs and actions?

I watched a young woman talk about her group, Republican Women For Hillary. Please tell me how a Republican could support and vote for Hillary? Wouldn’t that classify you as an independent? Isn’t that like calling yourself a Catholic but not agreeing with church doctrine?

How can you be a Republican and not support and adhere to their platform? Isn’t that placing your own values above the group you identify with? In actuality, this is the rejection of principles of the group and an opportunity to divide it. One really needs to consider why these individuals are bent on creating turmoil in the groups they self-identify with…

Isn’t this similar to hating lies, but supporting liars? Or hating violence but supporting those who promote it? Is it not insane to agree with an ideology but support its values only when they align with ours? The truth is based on our perception, much of which is actually based on lies embedded in our thinking.

If we really want the truth, it must begin with our own condition; an inventory of our beliefs and behaviors and the how and why we rationalize or justify them. A subjective, possibly painful investigation into the threat that we could be wrong. It is much easier and comforting to dismiss this precept. Denial creates dis-ease.

Would you rather change yourself or the group you self-identify with? Honestly, are we always right? Would we rather be right or be happy? There are 6 billion opinions on this earth, what makes ours so special? When using experience as our teacher, isn’t our experience severely limited in most cases?

If you were given 30 days to live, where would your heart turn? Would your thinking change? What would be most important in that last month of consciousness? Would you spend that time wanting to change others, yourself or others perceptions of you? Would your actions and behavior change?

Wanting others to change is not a good reason to create chaos, confusion and division in established groups and organizations, unless they exhibit or promote criminal behavior. Although we may believe our motives are well-intended, the end does not justify the means. If we are unable to live and let live, we will find very little peace in this life.

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