Thursday, July 28, 2016

Life is getting cheaper,
unless you're incarcerated.

 ~ If you believe that more stringent gun control will reduce violence and murder in America, you will probably not let the facts concerning the gun laws in Germany sway that belief. Although impossible to prove, I personally believe our gun laws in Texas save more lives than not.

Germans are beginning to rethink allowing asylum seekers into the country since out of the 4 attacks in 1 week, 3 of them were carried out by these refugees. Having strict gun laws, did not stop the violence, execution and terrorism. Liberals ignore these facts.

  ~ Watching the news last weekend concerning the upcoming Democratic Convention, I had this crazy thought, would Trump endorse Hillary if he wasn’t running for POTUS? He held them in very high regard just a few short years ago.

To be fair, I will mention Tim Kaine’s, Hillary’s VP pick. I was unaware that he “has a long history of embracing Radical Islam”. I guess base salary doesn’t factor in one’s oath of office.

  ~ Russian hackers attack the National Democrat Committee! How horrible that they would reveal the truth behind their party politics. Execute the messenger and ignore the message, diversion at its finest. At least the GOP didn’t hide trying to discredit Trump.

  ~ Have you ever watched a documentary that’s over 10 years old, one that predicts the future of a particular subject? It’s easy to feel superior when I agreed with a prediction that came true, but difficult to admit when I was wrong.

It makes me wonder what it was like being a Nazi after the war? The true insanity is that we still have an active Nazi party in the world who believe in their cause.

 ~ Will someone like to explain to me what the difference is between the New Black Panther Party and the KKK aside from skin color?

 ~ A comment on the Diety's blog: If you want to see the effects of the Affordable Care Act, look at individual policies, not those employer sponsored. The only policies available to individuals in Wise County are HMO's through Blue Cross Blue Shield and Wise Regional is not a provider. For individual policies, BCBS just filed for a 58% rate increase for 2017 and United Healthcare has withdrawn from selling individual ACA policies altogether. That is the "Obamacare" effect.

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