Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's gonna get cold...

I'm thankful she's changed...

I noticed Chipolte shut down 43 locations due to supply chain issues. We are probably beginning to experience the tip of the iceberg now that many fast food chains are importing their food. The FDA places numerous restrictions on local growers, but outside the US they have little say.

Voters in Houston, formerly known as gay friendly for its lesbian mayor and gay rights laws, just repealed their anti-discrimination law , which included gay rights. 15 specific classes were protected, does that mean they no longer are protected? Butts should be puckering.

Dope smokers in Ohio must not be happy after voters refused to legalize it. When Colorado legalized it, several people I knew moved their just to open smoke shops. Frankly, I would not be comfortable selling booze, much less dope.

Isn’t it odd that Hilary Clinton is calling for Exxon to be investigated now that they cut off funding to their foundation. They’ve already given between $1-$5 million, but the well ran dry and she’s pointing the finger. It sounds like Rainbow Coalition tactics to me…

Why doesn’t she press for an investigation of this green energy solar power plant that is a $1.6 billion taxpayer funded failure, in more ways than one. Oh, did I mention all the animal life that’s it’s killing?

When a black police officer gets in a fist fight with a black high school student, where’s the media coverage, where’s the fallout? No ratings, no coverage. No white inflicted injustice, no interest.

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