Thursday, November 5, 2015

How to provoke attack
and become a target

If you want to become a target for condemnation, criticism, hate and character assassination, all you have to do is publically express conservative social values and beliefs. Fear of public scrutiny is silencing many who would otherwise stand up for their beliefs, since it has cost many their jobs and positions in volunteer organizations.

Freedom of speech is becoming expensive for those standing up for conservative or Christian beliefs. Agreeing to disagree is not an option. They are right, you are wrong, you are ^$$4@!# and there is no room for debate or discussion.

If you say you don’t believe or agree with gay marriage, you can expect to be labeled a homophobe. If you disagree with the #blacklivesmatter movement, you are racist, end of discussion. If you disagree with the entitlement movement, you are a privileged bigot. If you disagree with abortion, you are either sexist, a chauvinist, a radical or even a terrorist.

Name calling and aggressive reaction has been very effective at shutting down and silencing alternate views. Our own government has been caught effectively targeting conservative groups and businesses to silence, retaliate or shut them down.

One of the most useful tools to retain our freedom of speech is to exercise it, even when great expense or risk is involved. Companies like Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby put principles before profit, as expressing their values has made them unwelcome in several US cities. This takes great courage and character, something that’s disappearing in our countrymen.

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